No more tracking litter all over and getting stuck in cat's paws.

I'm the OP. Just to report that I made the switch to Everclean ES and love it so far. No odor. . .or at least much, much less than the Tidy Cat I was using before. Also, far less tracking of litter since it seems to be ground much smaller than the Tidy Cat. I'm sold so far. . .

Things to consider before switching your cat to a new non-tracking cat litter:

The SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter also outperforms sand and clay litter in clumping around waste, effectively neutralizing odor in the process. It is proven to be non-tracking and is virtually dust-free, so your cat is also safe from respiratory troubles with this litter. It is lighter than most cat litter, so there is not much burden on you too, literally! It is a hundred percent biodegradable and renewable, too.

Product - Just for Cats No Tracking Litter Mat 23.2" x 26".

I have prepared a list of the best non-tracking cat litter 2017 available. Check out the chart below to have a brief idea. Right now I’m trying the Forest Fresh wood pellets from the same company, and I like it a lot. It clumps nicely and smells fantastic, and most of my cats are willing to use it. We have 7 cats though, and since it’s not available locally and the walnut litter we’ve been using is, I may not stick with it. The main reason I’ve been looking for alternatives to the clumping walnut litter is that it tracks excessively. (Blue Buffalo reps will tell you it doesn’t track at all. This is a lie.)

So, you have no problem in sifting the litter out of the box

Cats Incredible with Smell Squasher Technology Unscented 25 lbs.. Clumping Unscented Cat Litter with Smell Squasher technology that stops ammonia from forming in the litter box. Virtually no dust, low tracking, Two handle easy pour bag.... - Cats Incredible with Smell Squasher Technology Unscented 25 lbs..

5 Tips for Controlling Cat Litter Scatter and Tracking - Catster

In this article, we are going to show the top three best non tracking cat litter product on the market and why this type of litter should be used. Cats make wonderful pets but the one drawback with cats is their litter box, especially when they track litter across the floor. Litter tracking is one of the most common complaints heard from cat owners. It seems that no matter where you keep the litter box you find litter in your living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen. How does your cat manage to track litter everywhere? The answer to that question is that the litter sticks to their fur and paws after using the litter box. It can also be scattered across the floor because it is a cat’s natural instinct to “dig to China” in their litter box and then when they walk through it, the cat brings it to every room in your home.I liked this one because it is hypoallergenic and is all-natural. It is almost a hundred percent dust-free and to keep it from tracking all through the house it uses non-tracking, heavy granules. My cats love it because it is unscented. When I pour it into their clean litter boxes, I know longer get a face full of cat litter dust. I use to have to sweep up the mess as soon as the cats finished using the litter box so it would not be tracked everywhere but that is no longer a necessity. Yes, they do scatter it on the floor but when they step on it, it does not stick to their fur and feet and they do not carry it to another room. I highly recommend this non-tracking clumping cat litter for anyone who does not like stepping on cat litter. Your cats will love it too. In addition to being a non-tracking litter, it also helps to keep odor away by clumping as soon as your cat uses the litter box. I know that I give this non-tracking cat litter five stars and will be the only one I buy now. My cats agree with me.