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“Hill’s y/d is clearly an iodine deficient diet, containing levels of approximately 0.2 mg/kg (0.2 ppm) on a dry matter basis, well below the minimum daily requirement for adult cats (0.46 mg/kg or 0.46 ppm) of food. It’s important to note that the study that established this minimum daily requirement for cats was done by investigators funded by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. So, claims that this is just a low iodine diet, but not one deficient in iodine is nonsense, unless one does not believe the results of that study.”

using a limited-iodine food—is now available for cats with hyperthyroidism.

I have a 12 1/2 year old male cat whom is the apple of my life and recently took him to a vet for blood tests and urinary test ONLY because he was constantly licking metal on my balcony So the test results showed according to vet he had a minor urinary tract infection and very early stages of kidney disease I was shocked with the news considering I’ve had him on a veterinary prescribed diet (wet and dry) for almost 7 years because he did have severe FUS (not a cheap diet either) which I was told this would prevent it from reoccurring However it was the early stage of kidney disease that through me a loop As I said I’ve fed him both dry and wet food daily My concern now is the Vet put him on Hills veterinary prescribed diet for kidney care He took well to the wet but threw up every time he ate the dry kidney care food This went on for a few days so the vet changed his dry to a prescribed gastrointestinal dry food (which he was having in wet prior to changing to kidney care diet) however the same result I want to venture into a holistic dry food for him but no longer as a regular part of his meals only as a small portion treat as he has always had dry in his diet with the wet He hasn’t shown signs of failing with his health except exhausted and a week belly from the past few weeks of vomiting and he didn’t have a normal bowel movement for a close to 48 hr period until this morning early which was not in his litter box which is very unusual I feel he was trying in the box until the vomiting took over I did contact his vet today with my concerns after listening to the instructions I was given by him this past Monday I suggested I would like to look into a holistic dry food replacement for my baby but the vet replied he had no knoweledge regarding Holistic Food Heath diets and ended my call with him quite abruptly I need some honest good advise to give my beautiful honourable cat the best possible diet of dry food under the circumstances to help maintain his early kidney disease diagnosis (which will not take presidence of the wt food diet) Please help me to maintain the best quality of life advise for a healthy maintenance diet of dry for him I refuse to except a death sentence for him at this time PLEASE HELP!!!

Anyone treat cat's hyperthyroid naturally

Nov 14, 2013 - Effects of an iodine-restricted food on client-owned cats with hyperthyroidism It would certainly be nice to know what food your cat would eat that was low in phosphorus and low in iodine and good protein. I have the same situation with my 13 year old cat, I have looked at the chart and I am experimenting with what she will eat out of the chart which is really hard to do!! She is a picky eater. This disease is terrible to deal with.

My 17 yr old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism during routine ..

Y/D is a very high quality maintenance food for cats. It is complete and balanced except for a lack of iodine. Iodine is necessary for a cat to make thyroid hormone, so limited iodine intake controls hyperthyroidism. Iodine from other food sources, including treats and another pet's food, can compromise the effectiveness of Y/D, so it is critical that your cat eat only Y/D. There are no other cat foods with the carefully limited amount of iodine that Y/D has, so there are no other foods that can be used to manage hyperthyroidism.

Managing Hyperthyroidism With Food