No synthetic chemicals or perfumes

The new advantaged pine litter is great …except for the amount of dust it has. My cat tracks dust all over. I have used the the original corn litter for years and decided to try this new product. Defnitely easier to clean her box, as was the corn.
I have not been able to use your coupons that come to me over the internet because of the “Brick Browser”.

My other cat was fine throughout this whole ordeal, but he barely digs and is never covered from nose to tail in litter dust like Benga.

How well it works: When scooping the clumps they did not stay together as well as clay litter, so when I scooped I just let the unused walnuts fall through rather then sifting it. . When it would fall a part was in the areas where there was a lot of pee. My cat wally pees right in the front of the box every time, making it one big clump. I did find the clumps from my smaller female cat the were just one pee worth stayed clumped nicely.
I was very pleased because there is no dust! I never liked breathing that in from clay litter and always thought that can’t be good for the cat’s lungs either. The cats do track less of this out of the box and it makes less of a mess in general. Both cats adjusted well to this litter because I think the texture is similar to clay.

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Boxiecat litter has been developed with a dust suppression technology to reduce dust when pouring and when your cat digs in it. "I have been using Smart Litter "Organic 'n' Safe." It is the best organic clumping kitty litter I have ever had (and I have had cats for the past 24 years!)! It clumps like clay, and with NO silica dust. All of it is biodegradable so it can be flushed even if you have a septic tank. It doesn't stink like ammonia. It is a bit dusty; however it's actually a lot less [dusty] than any clay litter. I highly recommend that you at least try this brand. Smart Litter makes different types of kitty litter which might accomodate you best but I find that The Organic 'n' Safe is the best for my cats. It is pricey ($16-18 for 17lbs.), but it's not as expensive as The Worlds Best - or at least where I shop. So try it out if you get the chance. Thanks for the great site." —S.N., Oakland, California

Appealing sand-like texture clumps better than clay

I have 2 cats and no basement for the litter. Litter dust on dark hardwood floors was a nightmare. Switched to ground walnut shells and love it. Dust free, nice natural smell and the girls didn’t even notice a difference. Clumping without dust. Light weight. Pricey but I think totally worth it.

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