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Cat furniture tree is strong and sturdy. Its poles are made of solid pine wood. The structure is covered entirely with high quality carpet. The structure is 65 inches tall, with beds that are 16" diameter and cradles that are 19" long. If your cats love climbing, jumping, and lounging and sleeping on elevated places, this will please them for years to come. Also, one post has two feet of strong sisal wrap for scratching pleasure. If you do not want sisal at all, please tell us on the order form or by email right away.

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There are more of my tips in my published here. I have posted them to help you, the crafty and handy person that you are. I sell a variety of complete cat furniture items at my web site for the many people who finally conclude that they aren't going to want to put in the time and effort (& have retail dealers who sell my larger creations). It's all a matter of personal preference, and a matter of how confident you are in your ability to finish the job. I'm not a carpenter, either, by the way. And I found that you sure can't make a decent cat tree right out of the box with a marketing degree. I had to get an advanced degree in "trial & error."
Good luck. I'll be here if you want to go ahead and get a big, rugged, meaty American pole like mine. I've been here all along, waiting for you to ask for something more substantial than you've been settling for. But maybe you'll just DIY. More power to ya. I just hope your cat appreciates all the consideration and effort that went into your restoration job. You'll know when the little critter is sleeping soundly on that top level, I guess!

The fun way for cats to climb, play and snooze in comfort

cat-tree-leap-sleep So this is... basically a step ladder with carpet on it. Could probably make it, although still not pretty. I had just finished covering the top of a chest with padding and upholstery fabric. There was a big piece of fabric left over and it finally occurred to me that it's the perfect thing for a cat tree, thick and tightly woven. So now all the beds are recovered. I still need some to wrap the posts and also make the bottoms of the trays pretty. I'll get something of a different bright color and design to make it more fun to look at. I'm not removing anymore of the carpet, just cleaning and covering.

Mar 21, 2014 - So, I decided to put together a post of cool cat trees

Finally, The Refined Feline provides two very different types of cat towers. First, the is a cardboard structure with a metal frame inside for stability. And the iconic is another of my favorites. This very functional cat tree is quite sculptural looking, offering cats plenty of surfaces to climb on and a hideaway box below. I like to use this one in the center of a room as the focal point to truly celebrate the beauty of the piece itself, and of course the beauty of the cats as they use it.

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