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Many veterinarians recommend Hill’s Prescription r/d but I would never feed this diet in either the canned or dry form to any cat in my care. Both forms are low quality diets and are too high in carbohydrates. Canned r/d = 37% carbs and the dry = 36%. These foods also contain a list of ingredients that are not species-appropriate.

I don't think my vets have had any experience transitioning cats to a no carb dry cat food

For example, let’s consider a cat that is currently eating Hill’s Prescription dry w/d with 37% of its calories coming from carbs and he is suddenly switched to a canned food with less than 10% carbs. If the insulin is not lowered accordingly, an overdose of insulin will occur. Please do not underestimate the favorable impact that a low-carb diet has on decreasing the blood glucose level of a cat. As stated at the beginning of this page, many cats no longer need any insulin once on a low carb diet. Others have a drastic decrease in the amount of insulin needed to maintain an optimal blood glucose level.

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like Innova Evo, which is the lowest-carb and highest-protein dry cat food available. But “grain-free” does not mean “carbohydrate-free.” Starch, a type of carbohydrate, is essential to the formation of cat food kibble. Without starch, the kibble will not hold together. Dry foods have to contain a significant amount of carbohydrate. The manufacturers of the grain-free products simply switch out the grains for non-grain carbohydrate sources. Take a look at the ingredient list. I guarantee you will see potato, sweet potato, tapioca, or other non-grain carbohydrates.

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