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I Googled "cats sick from 9Lives" and found this site, after my 19-year old cat just had diarrhea a few minutes ago from eating 9Lives can. I got 9Lives on sale at the Dollar General store near my apartment and was worried this morning when I saw signs in Dollar General about not selling any more dry food. All their dry cat foods were taken off the shelves with no explanation in the store or online. I never buy no-name brands, but bought 9Lives when it was on sale in Dollar General, with a coupon for about 35 cents a can. I'm hoping that wasn't a deadly mistake. I'm certainly not going to give any more to my elderly cat. I have nine more cans I'll be giving to any outside cat, better than the outside cat starving. Never, ever again will I ever buy 9Lives cat food anywhere.

Nine lives cat food coupons

Often the offers, samples by mail or coupons can be found by going to the cat food maker’s website directly, and you also can locate many linked on this page or on others of the pages on this website. Cat food may come in cans or in dry cat food or treats. The top cat food brands, for which there may be coupons or free samples or promos available include: Avoderm Naturals, 9 Lives (Nine Lives), Blue Buffalo, Castor & Pollux cat food, Eukanuba, Fancy Feast cat food, Friskies canned, pouches, and dry, Halo Spot’s, Hill’s Science, Iams, Meow Mix, Merrick, Natural Balance, Nutro Max, Nutro Natural, Pro Plan, Purina, Purina Kitten, Purina Cat Chow, Purina ONE, Royal Canin Feline, Solid Gold, Spa Select, Wellness and more.

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Nine lives cat food coupons After reading all of the review PLEASE DON'T buy this product. It is the only thing that could of done this to my kittens. They are all vaccinated and healthy until feeding this garbage to them. I spend lots of time and money on these cats that people throw away. I spay /neuter all of them and find loving forever homes for as many as I can, and to know that I have been the one making them sick by feeding this unfit food. It makes me very angry. Again DON'T feed any nine lives or any products made by this company to your pet. I did it to cut cost because I feed so many. I won't do it again!!

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My cats urine would always smell and I could not figure out why! Well, it was the type of kitty food I was feeding her! So I switched to nine lives and now her urine doesn't smell anymore!! She absolutely loves nine lives cat food! She eats it three times a day and has not had problems with her urine smell anymore. :)

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