How do I know if my cat has fleas

Very often a cat owner notices that his or her pet starts scratching frequently and nervously. This is the point where you usually ask yourself: “Does my cat have fleas?” In most cases it will turn out that your cat has fleas. Nevertheless, before you start any treatment you should make sure that these are the fleas, which bother your pet. You have to look for more cat fleas signs to be sure about your assumption.

You may not see the cat fleas, but flea dirt is a sure sign your cat has them.

Hey Moe! If you want a spot on treatment for your cats, I recommend using Frontline or Advantage. I also suggest bombing your house (check out my article on this blog about this subject) and using the pet flea treatment on the same day to make sure that they dont bring in any new fleas after the fog has settled. Lastly, make sure that your flea bomb has an insect growth repellent to prevent flea eggs from hatching and you should be able to win the war against fleas! Hope that helps, have a good one!

Sep 1, 2015 - How do I know if my cat has fleas

My indoor cat has gotten fleas. How can that happen and what can I do to get rid of them? i rescued a 5 week old kitten about two months ago. She had fleas so I gave her baths until she was old enough to put Advantage on. She cried all night when we first got her so we stupidly let her sleep with us, now she insists on it and bangs into our bedroom door and becomes freaked out if we won’ t let her sleep with us. Anyway she still has fleas, we had our rugs cleaned, we sprayed, and washed all of our bedding. We still have little fleas and possibly eggs. We have fleas on us and all over the house stlll . It is driving us crazy. Any suggestions? Terminix said that if they come out we will need to be out of the house for 4 hours which is fine since we work but I don’t know what to do with my cat. She gets traumatized whenever we put her in her carrier and take her to the vets. All our friends and family have pets so don’t want to take to their houses for the four hours.

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Hi and thank you for all the good information. I have a young maine coon who stays indoors and has somehow gotten fleas. My question is how do we get rid of them? I have tried frontline twice and I still am finding live fleas in her belly fur. She is now wearing a Bayer flea collar. I vacuum my hardwood floors every day and have left all my throw rugs out overnight in the below freezing temps to kill fleas and eggs. All bedding has been replaced with towels that I launder every few days. I brush her every day. I am keeping her out of the bedrooms after I laundered all the bed linens and vacuumed thoroughly and treated the floors with Bayer insect (flea) spray. I even bravely shaved her belly between her legs where I find most of the fleas. Even though that fur is almost down to her pink skin I still am finding fleas in that area of my baby. I have tried treating her with natural powders and applecider vinegar spray and NOTHING is working. Bathing her is out of the question because of the temps in our area now. She won’t tolerate the hair dryer and would need to dry naturally which takes forever with her long fur. I am at my wits end. I also have a short hair black cat who received the same treatements as his little sister. He seems to be flea free. I think it’s her fur that is protecting the dastardly fleas…….now what?

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