My new adopted cat, Olivia, has dandruff really bad

My poor dopey boy, Sammy, (my avatar) has lots of dandruff around the base of his tail. He eats the same diet as my other three cats, who have never had that problem. But, since Sammy is so fat, I wonder if he can’t groom himself properly? He does not like to be brushed in that area, either. Anyone else out there have a kitty with this problem?

My other cat is a 3 year old female with very shiney fur and no dandruff. Age probably has a lot to do with it as well.

My cat is about 17 years old in human years. The past year we have noticed he has gotten thinner and drinking more water. Recently we've noticed his hearing has gone. He still eats, runs around and jumps on high counters. Anyway, he has really bad dandruff and in his fur he has different spots of hair clumped and stuck together. If we took him to the vet in a car, that would probably kill him. What can I do? P.S. We have tried to brush out the fur and it works, but it hurts him.

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My cat has clumps of fur sticking together and bad dandruff? - Catster My 21/2-year-old short-haired cat has dandruff. She does not appear to be itchy, and I never see her scratching herself. I wonder if there is anything I can use on her coat or add to her diet to help improve the dry skin.

My cat has matted fur annd dandruff mostly on her back and tail

I have a 4-year-old indoor /Tabby mix who has cat dandruff on the back half of the top of her back. I was wondering what may be the cause of this and what treatment would help. She has had it since she was a kitten, but it pretty much only becomes obvious when I brush her or take her to the vet. My vet has seen it before, so it may not be something to even be concerned about?

Feb 16, 2016 - My 21/2-year-old short-haired cat has dandruff

Changes in temperature and humidity can throw your cat’s skin out of whack. If you notice a rise in dandruff flakes between seasons, this could be the culprit. If you find that your cat’s skin is dryer in the colder months, products like can help with natural, soothing butters. Personally, my calico cat Pookie has been experiencing some dryer winter skin complete with snowy fur, and this has been helping immensely. If your cat’s skin is incredibly dry, try to restore some moisture.This is actually my first post to one of these forums. I adopted a 1 year old cat about 2.5 weeks ago from an animal shelter. They spayed her and I took her home where she immediately came down with a severe cold (fever, sneezing, mucus that made it hard for her to breathe) that required antibiotics and pedialyte several times a day for 10 days because she was so sick and dehydrated. She is finally over the cold but I noticed that over the last week she has been scratching the fur away from her mouth and biting a few areas on her (forearm, tail). She has A LOT of pet dander and she is an all black cat. The fur close to her head is still black and shiny but the fur on her back has turned brittle and almost dark brown instead of black. She has no fleas and I took her to the vet for her follow up yesterday where they checked her for mites (negative). They took a fur test that they are sending out to check for ringworm but the vet wasn't sure if that's even what it is. She said that it didn't really look like ringworm but that she's not sure so she wants her tested. I have another cat at home that is now seperated from the sick one again and now I'm worried. The vet told me that if she turns up positive for ringworm, that the anti-fungal treatment for it is really dangerous for cats. It will take at least a week for the results which feels like forever. Does this sound like ringworm? I've looked up pictures of ringworm on cats and it doesn't look like what she has. It also doesn't explain why she is itching so severely around her mouth. Is the ringworm treatment that dangerous? I've seen other boards on here where it sounds like it's a relatively safe process to treat.