Armarkat Burrow Multiple Use Cat Bed & Mat

This is a bit of an unorthodox choice. While not strictly speaking a cat bed, the manufacturer claims that cats will be drawn to lounging on it, and where a cat is comfortable lounging, they are usually comfortable sleeping. It has the added advantage of pulling double duty as a scratcher, and is large enough for multiple cats. Available in walnut brown and slate gray, it’s a popular option for any cat household.

Our cats have multiple cat beds but in winter their favourite bed is still mine.

Cubitat is a multi-level cat bed with a raised perch on top and a covered hideaway below. Provides cats with options for lounging and gives multiple cats a space they can share comfortably. All with a compact, sleek form to compliment your decor.

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• This cat bed house with wicker provides enough space for multiple cats to share Observe how your cats time-share and make sure there are plenty of prime areas for everyone. If two catsbecause each one wants to claim the owner’s bed, then set up a window perch, heated donut-shaped cat bed, or in the bedroom. This may be enough to create an appealing alternative. If cats are trying to take over a spot at the window, set up alternative window perches. If window space is limited, a multi-perched cat tree can be a life-saver because the cats can share a small amount of space while maintaining some degree of a hierarchy. It also can help maintain peace because the multi-level perches limit the visual contact they have with each other.

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Your cat will love relaxing in this Armarkat Enclosed Pet Bed. Comfort and privacy come together in this unique bed, which is made with faux suede and canvas and 100% Polyfill for maximum comfort. Features: 100% Polyfill for maximum comfort Includes: 1 Bed Intended For: Cats Life Stage: All Environment: Indoor Material: Interior: extra thick 100% Polyfill, Exterior Top: Faux suede and canvas, Exterior Bottom: waterproof and skid-free base Size/Dimensions: 20 in L x 20 in W x 11 in H Cleaning Instructions: Machine Washable Size: 20"L x 20"W x 11"H. Color: Multi-color.

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P.L.A.Y. pet beds aren't made for just one special creature. We believe that every animal, cat, dog or whatever animal brings you joy, deserves a warm and comfortable place to sleep. Our Chill Pads and Snuggle Beds, both durable and stylish, make great luxury cat beds and are available in multiple sizes to accommodate your pet’s needs. But wait, we didn't stop there. Our new cat scratchers offer multiple alluring angles to scratch and lounge, while our whimsical tunnels will leave your cats purring for more!

Your furry feline will enjoy the plush fabrics and ergonomic design, while you will enjoy the myriad of designs available and the easy maintenance. All of our luxury products are made with pets, owners and the environment in mind – so you can feel good about spoiling your pet with a designer cat bed, versatile scratcher or cozy plush tunnel.
It is not only for comfort reasons that cats love to lie on a cat-sized fabric item on top an already comfy piece of furniture. It seems that small cat-sized blankets or mats are a special defined territory which makes cats feel more secure, especially in a multi-cat home. Cats who won't both nap on the bed or the couch at the same time sometimes will if there are separate little mats or blankets, apparently feeling that as long as the other stays on his or her own mat, the area is divided satisfactorially.