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The EEEKS! Catnip Mouse Toy is a small, amusing mouse shaped toy for your cat. This funny looking EEEKS! Catnip Mouse Toy will surely be a hit in your household. The mouse body is filled with aromatic high-test catnip grown in the USA and a small rattle for your cat's enjoyment. The EEEKS! Catnip Mouse Toy comes in 2 colors, pink or brown. (SORRY: we cannot take orders for a specific color)

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Ebay. Cat's Meow toy. Undercover Fabric Moving Mouse Cat Toy Cats Meow Play For Cat Kitty Funny (panic electronic cat training tool)

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Catnip Mouse Pet Toys for Cats The compressed catnip Twinkle Egg or Ball is great for your cat because it provides the thrill of the hunt without a mess. This line of toys incorporates the RealMouse® sound with lights, which drives cats wild! The compressed catnip, in addition to the lights and sounds, provides your cat with a full sensory hunting experience.

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Another electronic cat toy, the Petsafe Pounce Toy offers cats ideal interactive playtime. With random movements, multiple speeds, and an automatic timer – this toy is ideal for feisty cats. The device offers a small plastic mouse that continually moves around the path at four different speeds, in an unpredictable manner.

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Limited Edition for Spring / Summer 2017 �SomeBunny Loves Me� gift set of 4 of our handmade, adorable, cat pleasing catnip toys to get your cat hopping around the house with a Spring time theme! This collection has one bunny (colors vary, always pastel), a bumble bee (body color varies), a bunny print carrot, and a bunny print mouse (both are the same prints featured here) This has become a very popular assortment! The variety of sizes and shapes has great appeal even to the fussiest of cats!Equipped with two modes, this mouse toy propels itself around the house, simulating the movements of real prey. The first mode is “paw mode” for docile cats, while “chase mode” is for more active hunters. The rubber tail twitches as it moves to entice cats into play. Turn it on and set it loose. It can even right itself when it lands on its back.Does your cat just love chasing a clockwork mouse down the stairs but when you try to do the same with, say, a ping-pong ball and all your get is a blank stare? It's possible that for some cats it's as much as about the game as it is the toy. Maybe balls just don’t pop their cork. Maybe the clockwork mouse really tickles their feline fancy. Consider what is different about one toy over another and try to find something similar to the toy your cat seems to prefer. Cats, like toddlers, can become easily bored with toys.This feathered toy is a bit more deluxe than some of the others. This electronic hide-and-seek game uses a feather that darts back and forth between holes and disappears. The erratic nature of the game will keep your cat guessing and pouncing for extended play sessions. It even makes a mouse-like sound that will draw the other cats of the house to it once it’s turned on. By its nature, it’s fixed in place, so this would also be a good choice for spaces where free-play toys might risk breaking something in your home. If your cat gets bored easily, try stepping up to something a bit more dynamic like this.