Cat bowl modern pet feeder pet bowls cat dish by lazycatfurniture

Raised feeders help your cat keep the correct posture while eating, which leads to better digestion. Having multiple cats, I have been looking for a nice raised feeder to accommodate several cats at once. The new has finally met the need, and they’ve done it with style. And here’s your chance to win one! One lucky reader is going to win the raised feeder of their choice, either the 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-bowl version. To enter, please telling us which one you’d like. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on December 15, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

Triple Bowl Modern Cat Feeder In Black

While most automatic cat feeders do operate in basically the same way, the features that you will find on the various models can differ quite considerably. Some automatic pet feeders, for example, will dispense three meals a day at pre-programmed times, while others can provide an unlimited number of scheduled meals.

Cat bowl modern pet feeder pet bowls cat dish by lazycatfurniture

Modern Cat or Small Dog Feeder Bowl Holder Pet by baconsquarefarm Designed for the modern cat and small to medium size dog, our raised pet feeder adds the perfect splash of color to your pet's dining area and your overall décor!

Cat bowl modern pet feeder pet bowls cat dish by lazycatfurniture

If you are planning to feed your cat 6 times while you are away, then this Lentek automatic pet food dispenser can work for you. There are 6 slots in all, and each slot of the unit can accommodate 2/3 cup of food, or 5 1/2 oz of wet cat food for this dispenser. This wet food feeder can work for:

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We like to say Modern Cat runs on snuggles and catnip, but occasionally, the humans on staff need a reviving cup of coffee to get the show on the road. What could be more perfect than for those morning moments?I own the Perfect Pet Feeder and can speak firsthand on the quality of this product. It is worth the somewhat high price. I purchased the Perfect Pet Feeder for my cat, Ohana. He is an extremely intelligent cat and could easily manipulate the “cheaper” models on the market. I was getting up between 4 and 5 times a night to give Ohana a snack!! Needless to say our relationship was becoming a bit strained. I purchased the Perfect Pet Feeder and Ohana immediately let me sleep through the night!! I highly recommend this high quality product.Back in April, I introduced the new Maow wall-mounted feeder from Vurv Design. Based on some of the comments that Moderncat readers left, the design team over at Vurv developed a new version of the feeder, the Maow Deluxe feeder. This feeder has three bowls, including a large one-quart bowl for water and two shallow [...]We’re very excited to offer for the February giveaway the brand new Maow cat feeder from the fabulous Canadian pet product company Vurv Design. Vurv designs and produces some of the most exquisite handmade pet products in the industry. Moderncat has featured the spectacular Wowo pet bed before, as well as their elegant Ellipse bed. [...]