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As for feeding dairy products to cats, it all comes down to the principles of nutrition: cats are carnivores. Just like you’ve never seen a cat jump into the lake to catch a fish for lunch, you won’t see them milking a cow for something to drink. It’s like McDonald’s: we know we shouldn’t eat it, but we do! Dairy products, while having protein and fat (which are good for cats), also have a lot of carbohydrates and sugars (which are not good for cats). Dairy can also be high in calcium – too much of which can also cause problems.

But cats love milk so you may be tempted to try giving your cat soy milk instead. Should you?

It was common, that the cats got milk when my grampy finished the milking in the morning. I had no clue, that cat=milk is a myth too (like so much things about pets). Thanks for this post, I’ve learnt something :o)

You see cats lapping up milk from saucers in movies and cartoons.

I used to give my cats Cat Milk as a treat, but that was it. I kept them away from regular milk. Like all mammals, your kitten was raised on their mother’s milk. In those formidable years, they were able to easily digest the lactose contained in cat and kitten milk thanks to an abundance of lactase (the enzyme that breaks down and helps your pet digest lactose). As they grow older though, their bodies stop producing that enzyme, and they’re not as able to enjoy a special saucer of milk for cats – even if they continue to be drawn to it into adulthood thanks to the highly delicious (and high in fat) cream. Most of the drinkable dairy you’ll find in stores, however, is very low in fat content, meaning that even if your pet enjoys the taste they aren’t getting much nutrition from it.

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Slink your way to Petco for a bowlful of cat and kitten milk your pet will happily lap up. Cats and milk have been synonymous with each other for so long that the idea of felines feasting on anything else seems almost foreign. Many people associate a cat’s love for milk as comparable to dogs with a bone to gnaw on, but the truth isn’t so black and white, and the types of dairy products you might safely consume aren’t necessarily recommended for your pretty kitty.

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The reason for this is that drinking cow's milk causes diarrhea in some cats. This is becausesome cats, like people, are lactose intolerant. What this means is that some cats lack theenzyme lactase that breaks down the milk sugar lactose. If your cat lacks this enzyme then drinkingcow's milk will most likely give your cat gas, diarrhea, or loose stools.If milk doesn't give your cat diarrhea then it shouldn't hurt to give your cat a little milk fromtime to time. Remember that milk that sits out spoils quickly and so you should get rid of anymilk that your cat doesn't drink within 20 minutes or so. Keep in mind that cats can survive perfectly fine without cow's milkin their diet. However, some cats seem to insist that they are given some.