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Feeding your kitty milk can make her day a lot more complicated than necessary, not to mention yours. Save yourself the stress and icky cleanup duties. When a cat drinks milk -- or consumes any other dairy product with lactose, for that matter -- it often triggers a case of tummy troubles. Your cat will very likely experience an unpleasant bout of watery diarrhea as a consequence of drinking seemingly innocuous milk -- absolutely no fun at all. In some cases, cats also throw up as a result of drinking milk. When it comes to your cat's health and comfort, never take any chances. Even if your cat has accidentally had milk in the past and seemed to enjoy it a lot, it simply isn't worth the digestive inconvenience afterward.

Not only is it harmful for most cats to drink cows milk, those that can get very little benefit from it anyway. Overall, it is best avoided.

The milk may also cause your cat to gain weight, have higher sugar levels, and eventually develop diabetes. Cats drink water, mother’s milk, and occasionally, milk substitutes as a treat. Milk should not be a source of hydration for your cat.

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Dec 2, 2011 - Have you ever thought about whether milk is actually a good thing for cats to drink Cats drinking milk. What could be natural, right? Not if it’s from a cow. It’s hard for old myths to die down when brilliant advertising like the hysterically funny commercial for a milk company are pop culture phenoms. If you aren’t one of the 7 million who haven’t seen the YouTube video, have a chuckle. The truth about cats drinking milk is no laughing matter when it causes health issues. Our Vet, Dr. Rich Goldstein dispels the milk myth.

Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk

Where did the idea come from, of cats drinking milk? Think about it logically. In the wild, a cat isn’t realistically going to have access to a cow’s udder. At what point did humans decide it was a good idea to put down a saucer of milk for their cat to enjoy?

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