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I am interested in one for my boy cat that meows really loud every morning, very earling in the morning 5am. I would only put it on him at night and then take it off when I wake up. Do they make a shock collar for cats like they do for dogs in regards to barking/meowing? Not in regards to invisibile fence.

Jan 10, 2007 - Hello I am wondering if there is such a thing as a cat meow collar

As the creators explain, cats only meow to communicate with humans. By analyzing the intent behind different meows, the Catterbox pros created an analyzation system within the collar that detects the type of meow, and tries to accurately decipher what the cat's meow means in human terms. You can even choose a voice within the app for your cat to adopt.Â

For cats and kittens with necks up to 15";

May 12, 2015 - Learn everything you need to know about cat shock collars The prototype for the Catterbox has just launched, and the collar itself contains a microphone and a speaker, and runs on Bluetooth technology and wifi. You can choose from four different colors. When the collar is placed on your cat, it recognizes your cat’s meow and translates the messages into human words. You can then hear your cat “speak,” and can even choose a voice for your cat using the Catterbox app. Be sure to check out the video below for more information.

Mar 16, 2011 - I have 2 cats that ive had for 16 years

I would highly recommend that you know what you are talking about before you suggest something. Citronella collars are designed to react to a bark. They are designed to not react to whimpering, growling and whining. Cats meows are on the level of a dog’s whining. The collar would do nothing at all.

I have gotten use to it and rarely does it bother me

My bet? Those "urgent" 5 a.m. meows most often come from cats who either have learned that meowing is the only way to get attention or are not having their environmental and social needs met. But providing for those needs is going to be a lot more effective than trying to get your cat to talk to you through a novelty collar.We have a wide variety of fun colors & fabrics to fit you and your cat's taste.

Cat collars come in two different sizes of 6-10" and 8-12". To find your cat's size, it is best to measure your best friend's neck or old collar.

Why use Cotton?

Little Meows collars are made from high thread count, 100% cotton fabrics. Cotton is a natural fabric that is washable, durable and soft like your favorite t-shirt. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton is soft and gentle on your cat’s coat and prevents napping and adverse reactions common with un-natural materials. Every collar is sewn with a double layer of nylon threading with a commercial machine for strength and durability combined with the comfort of cotton fabrics and quality hardware.

Remember, collar safety is YOUR responsibility. Pets should never be left unattended in a collar that tightens.So they consider more drastic measures, such as shock collars for cats to stop meowing excessively or other unwanted behavior, or at least collars that use unpleasant sounds or even Pheromones to help calm that problem behavior.Want to Buy a Cat Where can I buy a shock collar for cats for meowing?, Before you all yell at me and tell me im cruel please know this is my last option. I dont want to do it but I have no choice anymore. ...