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The Undercover Mouse was an electronic cat toy made by Panic Mouse. Panic Mouse sold their patents and shortly afterwards the Cat’s Meow appeared as an As Seen on TV product. You could also buy it at CVS, Walgreens, Wal-mart and more.

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Meowadays keeps the environment in mind by using 100% recycled (and reusable) shipping envelopes, eco-friendly fiber fill, organic catnip, USA-made yarn, and saving yarn scraps to reuse in the stuffing. All toys are gluten-free and approved by Bernie Sanders*.

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Toys 20741: Cats Meow Cat Toy 1 Ea (Pack Of 5) - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $53.06 on eBay! Overall the Cats Meow toy has been a fun purchase. It has stood up to Dyson jumping around it and grabbing the nylon. We don’t have any rips in the nylon. Our main concern though is with batteries. You do need three C batteries for this to work and it does use a lot of battery power. If you are going to keep using it then it is best to get rechargeable batteries.

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For fun factor, we do give the Cats Meow toy a paws up but the really bad battery life is a big negative. I also think that the latest version with just the one speed setting is a bit of a downgrade on the original product.

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Cat’s Meow is the exciting new battery-operated motorized cat toy that keeps your kitty entertained with the press of a button as she tries to catch the unpredictable peekaboo wand. No matter your cat’s age, it will become as playful as a kitten, because cats love to stalk and pounce on prey. Just like a scurrying mouse, Cat’s Meow swings back and forth, peeking in and out from under the carousel cover. With random movements, it speeds up and slows down, then it surprises the kitty by changing directions when you least expect it. Your cat will never get bored. As Seen on TV.The only downsides about the Cats Meow that we observed is that the ‘mouse’ wand is plastic, which could potentially break if you are not careful when storing it. Additionally, it requires 3 C batteries. However, be careful when storing this toy and purchasing C batteries in bulk (option for for under $12.00 and prime eligible) can help lessen the burden of these downsides.We bought the Meow cat toy when we began fostering kittens. We assumed that it would be the perfect toy for our adorable, yet super energetic kittens we brought into our home…and we assumed right.Give your cat a fun exercise with the Inventel Cat’s Meow Toy! The Inventel Cat’s Meow Toy helps prevent clawing and scratching. Cat’s of all ages can use the Inventel Cat’s Meow Toy. It even works great on carpets and floors! Purchase the Inventel Cat’s Meow Toy today!