Whimsical German Mechanical Cat Toy - 8 Inches Long.

Automatic Toys. In addition to food rewards, cats relish motion and interesting noises to lure them to chase. Today, a wide variety of automatic toys are available, including the FroliCat products. These offer preprogrammed laser lights to chase and products, for example), or the that flips a string to chase. There's even a toy with a mechanical mouse on a track that races about, hides, and teases cats into play.

Whimsical German Mechanical Cat Toy - 8 Inches Long from beckysbackroom on Ruby Lane

This great cat toy was made in Germany, circa 1900, with a cloth covered paper mache body, red molded paper mache nose, red painted mouth, glass eyes, original pink silk ribbon, black painted stripes and tail. the cats front legs are holding a red and white cloth covered paper mache ball with a center dresden paper stripe. The lever activated mechanism propels the red, white and blue painted tin spoke wheels.

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Mechanical Wind-Up Strolling Dandy Cat Toy by G.B.C. 1950s w/ Box MIB WORKS Alps Yes, you read that right, the toy company’s latest foray just so happens to be in mechanical feline companions: the “Joy For All” cats look, feel and sound like the real thing,

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For Christmas we got our daughter a moving toy mechanical cat and our resident senior Siamese and Balinese cats inspect and "greet" the "intruder"

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If there is one thing cats love, it’s chasing small animals and eating them. When you have an indoor cat, this isn’t always possible (although it is more frequent in the fall to find a prize your cat left for you beside your bed). have created cat toys that move and sound like mice, in order to appease that menacing wild side of your kitty. The options available by this manufacturer are huge! They have mouse toys, floor toys, hanging toys, wand toys, kitten toys and even toys that glow in the dark. These cat toys also make realistic noises in order to help your feline companion feel as though they truly are crushing the life out of this stuffed mechanical mouse.It is kind of a cat toy for people. Why did I want a mechanical cat paw, you might ask? Well, for the same reason I own a mechanical chicken. SmartCat’s Cat Climber is an ideal product developing their natural tendency to jump and climb high surfaces & walls. The patented product easily hangs on standard doors and is ideal for people with smaller houses or for folks who do not desire that their end table being used by cats as their cat tree. The cats can climb, play, scratch and exercise on it for years together on this durable wood product. The Cat climber can easily be moved to another door due to its mechanical portability features easily fitting on doors 79” extending upto 82” tall. For scratching, manufacturers provide for a sisal post which works best for the cats. Designer Angela Moser proudly claims to have three of these in her house, one each for each individual cat. The cats love this adventure toy.A foot-long black contraption whirs and spins around on the floor, tempting any cat to chase it that isn’t afraid of a grossly oversized mechanical mouse. Team 13 Mousetronics’s creation, the eMouse is a pet toy that utilizes a sense-and-react system to avoid obstacles and to interest the cat.