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Remove the backing from the feminine sanitary pad. Place the pad in the diaper so that the pad is centered over the area that covers your cat’s urethra. Place the pad toward the front for males, and toward the back for females. Cut off any part of the pad that hangs over the diaper edge. Put the diaper on your cat.

Clothing 168139: Female Cat Diaper Garment Queen Panty Nappy Washable Brown Leopard Print Fabric BUY IT NOW ONLY: $31.99

Spaying a female dog or cat has both behavioral and physical benefits. Fixing your pet means that they will not go into a heat cycle. A female cat in heat can be difficult to live with. Often she will yowl for a mate, and some may spray urine around the house. A female dog in heat will need panties or diaper to avoid getting bloody discharge on your furniture or carpets. A dam will need to be kept on a leash and supervised when outdoors, as intact male dogs will do just about anything to reach a female dog in heat. Neutered males dogs and cats are much better behaved than a their un-neutered counterparts. Aside from avoiding embarrassing leg humping, neutered male dogs are less likely to run away from home as they are not in constant search for a mate - this includes not yanking your arm off when you are walking your dog past a potential lady friend and not digging an escape route under your fence like your backyard is Alcatraz. Neutered dogs are completely devoted to their humans, whereas un-neutered males can show tendencies of aggression and can be territorial. They may spray in your house and fight with other male dogs or even people. If a male dog is fixed after this behavior starts, sometimes it can be too late. Un-neutered male cats may be the worst from a behavior standpoint. They wale and cry to be let outside, they spray urine all over your house. The stench of feline urine alone is often enough to persuade someone to fix their cat. Additionally, tom cats will fight over females, they will fight over their territory, they will fight to let off steam. This puts your cat at risk for serious injury.

Overalls are diapers with the straps sewn on to the diaper already.

Clothing 168139: Female Cat Diaper Garment Queen Panty Nappy Washable Brown Leopard Print Fabric BUY IT NOW ONLY: $31.99 Sizing Information (approximate): Diaper sizes vary dramatically from breed to breed. You may order a free sample diaper for sizing (postage applies) or request a sample with your order so you can try one on before opening the package.
10 diapers per package
120 diapers per case
Male Dogs, please add 1 size up. When used as a cat diaper, you can use a size lower

Cat Diapers, Stud Pants - Castle Paws Designs

This uniquely designed doggie diaper was created over
11 years ago for my 2 male Akitas who were 13 years old
and had lost control of their kidneys. Since medications
were not an option (for various reasons) and being
unable to find a pet diaper that was suitable to me, the
idea of "Tinkle Trousers" was born.

1- Can my cat use the litter box while wearing a diaper garment