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If you have an , your cat will have to wear a collar with a magnet attached to it. You can also use your existing collar (with a quick-release mechanism if possible). The magnet in the cat door will be battery operated. Your cat won't have to actually touch the door with his magnet. The door will open once he's standing in front of it. Once your pet comes close to the door, a lock in the frame opens automatically. Electromagnetic cat flaps open and close relatively quietly. These usually have a 4-way locking system so you can either lock them, unlock them, or only allow entry or exit. One disadvantage of this type of cat flap is that the cat may lose his collar outdoors, and that he has to wear a collar in the first place. Cats can have problems getting caught on the branch of a tree while climbing and losing their collars. Then your pet won't have a magnet and won't be able to get into your home. Some magnets can be coded to your cat, and some can't. If they aren't coded, another cat with a magnet could get inside your house. Coded magnets are more reliable in keeping strange cats out of your house. Since the magnet in the flap is battery-operated, you will have to check it and change it out occasionally if you don't want your kitty to get locked out. Generally, however, batteries in these devices have a very long life.

This video shows how the magnetic collar key for the 400 Series Magnetic Cat Door works.

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Electromagnetic doors automatically lock and unlock when they sense a magnetic key on your pet’s collar. This can be ideal for people with multiple cats, as you can control who stays in or out. Simply place the appropriate magnet on the outdoor cats’ collars and now you have an effective system. You can set the doors to full access, completely locked or one-way entry or exit. This electric door can also prevent overly friendly neighborhood cats, raccoons and other critter visitors from entering your home. Just be aware that the magnetic keys sometimes pick up other metals during your cat’s forays, so keep an eye on the collar in case something like a nail or screw is stuck there. The door uses a 9-volt battery and comes with two magnetic keys. You can order extra keys for any additional cats. Reviewers say that the door installs easily and cats are ready to use it within a few hours.

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Some Topics On This Page: magnetic cat feeder | magnetic cat flap | magnetic collar | magnet opener On the other hand, the magnets used to pull an inside lever are relatively strong and more likely to pickup debris like nails and bottle caps. Since they’re stronger they may exert more pull than is comfortable for a kitten and at least one manufacturer recommends that they not be used until the cat is a little older. Positioning of the pet door is important as the magnetic collar key has to come extremely close or make contact with the bottom frame of the pet door. If mounted too high or too low the key might not trigger the door as it never gets close enough. Some manufacturers recommend that installation in a ferrous metal door may require that a wooden collar be built to isolate the pet door from the door. An aluminum door would not present a problem. Finally, a magnet is a magnet; there is no way for the cat door to distinguish among your pets or between your cat and a neighbor’s cat that happens to also wear a magnetic collar key.

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Fancy Cream Glass Pearl Dog and Cat Collar with Rondelles and Quick Release Magnetic Clasp. Put your mind at rest with a safety clasp on your pet's jewelry. Available in the Fido & Fifi Etsy store.

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