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Urinary tract infection plays no role in struvite calculi formation in cats although it is the important cause in dogs. In the past, suggested causes included infection, both bacterial and viral; early castration of males; endocrine imbalance; high dietary ash, magnesium, phosphate and nitrogen; low water intake; obesity; dry cat foods; and stricter confinement of cats causing less frequent urination.

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Saline laxatives are not safe for cats.  term 'saline'  mineral salts such as magnesium or phosphate salts. Hypermagnesemia in Cats

Electrolytes are required in the body for many vital functions, like keeping fluid balance, normal heart and brain functions, delivery of oxygen, and many more. Magnesium, after potassium, is the second most abundant positively charged electrolyte found inside cells. Bones and muscles contain a major portion of magnesium in the body. Hypermagnesemia is the term used to denote abnormally high levels of magnesium in the body. Higher levels of magnesium can result in serious complications like impaired nerve impulses (signals), as well as cardiac problems.
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Why Is My Dog Or Cat's Blood Magnesium Level Abnormal

One of the predisposing factors in FLUTD is the magnesium (ash) content of the diet. It used to be thought that diets low in magnesium are particularly helpful in preventing the struvite crystal problem. This is not true in most cases, it is the change in urine pH from alkaline to acidic that prevents struvite crystals. In spite of this, many cat foods have restricted magnesium. Unfortunately, this diet can predispose to calcium oxalate crystals. After many years of treating cats with this low ash food we are starting to see an increase in calcium oxalate crystals for this reason. This is another example of how subtle changes in physiology, that make sense at first glance and are used successfully for many years, can have untold manifestations later.

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