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At the time of this writing I have 6 cats, and I love to spoil them. After all, they give me unconditional love and hours of joy, so why shouldn’t I try to make their lives as pampered and happy as possible? I have found some luxury cat accessories that will make your cats jump for joy. Well…probably not. After all cats like to keep their excitement to a minimum. But trust me, they will love these items!

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Full disclosure: If you can afford to spend $60,000 on a panther necklace this Christmas, I hate you a little — but that’s only because I’m jealous. While my cats nap on a lowly footstool (because they disapprove of the $15 bed I bought them), I dream of a reality where I can buy my kitties the luxury goods they so richly deserve — items they would in no way ignore, destroy, or vomit on like the cheap crap they have now.

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Items similar to Tallest LUXURY CAT TREE on Etsy Upscale cat gifts are the luxury counterparts of normal pet items. They are typically sold at pet boutiques either in-store or online. You will not likely find upscale pet items at your average pet stores such as Petco and Petsmart. Even massive Pet-marts sell expensive items, but upscale cat products are much more than just pricier versions of ordinary items. They carry with them an elite status. Luxury pet supplies boast both limited distribution and adequately high prices to match their quality.

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When you're combing around the web for , it won't take heavy scrutiny to notice the difference between humdrum pet items and their upscale counterparts. For example, the average cat collar features a non-snag nylon band that comes in a few classic color combinations. It typically sells for less than ten dollars. Sometimes these collars come with special features that are almost always more functional than they are attractive. However, this is not so with luxury pet collars. Functional styles won't cut it in the world of competitive and celebrity pets. An upscale cat collar comes in soft supple Italian leather and is coated in Swarovski crystals. Colors are vivid, shocking and deliciously posh, and price tags reflect these features. The average upscale collar will exceed thirty dollars and can easily reach the hundred dollar mark.

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There’s a new player in the high-end luxury cat furniture world and they have quite a lineup of beautiful items. Introducing . More traditional than modern, these designs are made with fancy crown molding and high-quality craftsmanship to create the look and feel of fine furniture.