Intestinal Low-Residue Plus (dry only)- 59mg/100kcal

Hill's Prescription Diet y/d Feline Thyroid Health Canned Cat Food is: * Supports kidney health with controlled phosphorus and low sodium.* Helps maintain bladder health with controlled mineral levels.* Promotes heart health with essential nutrients like taurine and carnitine.* Promotes healthy skin…

One way to make a low sodium cat food diet is to mix in salt-less protein to regular canned or canned food for cats with heart problems.

One of the greatest challenges cat guardians face is getting their cats to consume adequate water. Cats tend to drink very little—most cats do not drink enough water—and can be fussy about how water is offered. Adding lowsodium beef or chicken broth to your cat’s food will increase her water consumption while providing a very low calorie treat. Feeding wet cat food is also a great way to increase your cat’s water intake. Both are good tips to keep in mind if your cat has bladder crystals/stones as increased water consumption is the main treatment for this ailment.

1) 95% Chicken and Turkey Canned Cat Food (wet only)- 78mg/100kcal.

Sometimes vets recommend that cats with chronic kidney disease should eat low sodium cat food. Not all experts agree with this, however. Sometimes, even a low-sodium clam juice is recommended to put on the cat’s food if she is experiencing renal failure and doesn’t have much appetite. Feline kidney disease, which occurs when the kidneys lose their ability to concentrate urine, is a common problem in older cats. The traditional approach used to be severely restricting protein–once almost universally recommended, but now there is some debate.

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For pH applications below 3.6, less Sodium Bisulfate Pet™ is required to lower pH than most commonly used acids, including phosphoric acid. This provides for cost savings in a food, digest, treat, slurry or any low pH application.

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This one I have the phosphorus and sodium listed on this forum but do not have in front of me. I just know the phosphorus level was in the 20's and sodium is low(my cat loves this one) You can e-mail Weruva and ask any questions on their Soulistic or Weruva canned foods they will promptly reply..Because I am not comfortable with the ingredients in my cat's commercial prescription diet food I am interested in making the food myself, but I don't want to cause more harm to my cat than good. For additional guidance I found the BalanceIT website which was founded by a board certified veterinary nutritionist. You can play around with their free 'Autobalancer' tool to add ingredients that you want in your cat's food and then you can print out a balanced recipe that uses their complete vitamin/mineral supplement (UC Davis uses it too). If you want use their 'Free Recipe Generator' which will generate a renal diet for your cat based on age, weight, health conditions, etc., they will contact your vet for permission to do so and then their veterinary nutritionist will help you with that. Their renal diet uses their BalanceIT Feline K vitamin/mineral supplement which is low in phosphorous and sodium and higher in potassium and other nutrients CKD kitties need.