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I have been going through mutliple high quality (no by-products) cat foods trying to find options low in phosphorus and proteins. Prescription foods are not good for multiple reasons, and they are all marketing. Also, watch out for fish- it can contain heavy metals and be rough on your cats system especially if they have a history urinary tract problems.
After much research and talks with my vet I have found these foods to be palatable for a picky cat and very healthy. My 15 year old cat has been doing wonderfully on these foods, he is very active and at a good consistent weight.

Aug 2, 2016 - Do you know that renal failure is the leading cause of death for cats? Here's a condensed list of the low protein cat food for your kitty's health.

Kidney disease and renal failure is a complicated disease and one which experts do not always agree on with regard to diet. The low protein/low phosphorus/low salt diet can be effective and helps many cats live longer after they have been diagnosed with chronic renal failure. However, these diets tend to be unappetizing and many cats don’t want to eat these prescription foods – a problem which can lead to weight loss and decline. You may want to talk to your veterinarian about a different approach to feeding your cat with chronic renal failure, based on recent research, using a high quality protein diet that produces less waste for the kidneys to eliminate from the body.

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Sep 17, 2015 - Best diets for cats with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) include high protein, low ash, high moisture raw and canned cat food. Some cats, especially those with diminished appetites, may not find your first offer appealing. Cat-food companies have formulated low-protein foods to keep ...

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…Premium Reduced Calorie Canned Cat Food is formulated with fewer calories for overweight, less active and senior cats and can help kindle low appetites. This healthy cat food is made with fresh chicken, duck and salmon providing your cat with high quality proteins and amino acids to strengthen lax…

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Hello everyone. Something came up, and I need to leave my pets for the weekend. My sister and her boyfriend will take care of my home and they will look after my pets. They know a lot about dogs, but they don’t know absolutely nothing about cats. They don’t know how to prepare food for my cat, what to give her, how to feed her…. I really want to make it easier for them, so I have decide to buy some quality, low protein cat food. I don’t know what to choose, so I was hoping that you can help me.Because water balance is so crucial, it is best to feed a high-moisture diet to help keep the cat hydrated; do not feed only dry food. Feeding mostly or only canned food, even though it is high in phosphorus and protein, provides the moisture and calories that these cats need, in a very palatable form that most cats will happily eat. You can also get low-phosphorus renal diets in canned form. Dry cat food causes dehydration even in healthy cats, and is not appropriate for CKD cats (unless, of course, it’s the only food he will eat!).If I may, why do you want to give your cat low-protein food? I saw on this board that this type of diet is recommended for cats with kidney disease. Is this the case with your cat as well?Cat food specifically tailored for the needs of cats with renal failure should contain high-quality protein to minimize strain on kidneys. At first it might even be important to feed a low-protein diet, depending on the animal's illness and the vet's recommendations. A low-phosphorus diet can reduce mineral deposits in the kidneys. The food should also be low-sodium and contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E to slow disease progression. Cats need supplemental taurine. A B-vitamin complex will increase appetite and energy.