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The low-carb dry foods are also very high in phosphorus. This is especially detrimental for cats with compromised kidney function.

no3113 what kind of what wet food do you feed your cats? my cat is 7 years old and took a senior panel and has high kidney values. i was told to feed him Hills prescription diet renal function dry and wet. i called hills and they advised me that the corn they use is GMO. I was told if i feed my cat low protein and low phosphorus food that will help him. Do you know of any wet food that may help him?? thank you! Jenn.

in Dry Cat Food," The Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research vol.

the BRAND OF FOOD which sells quality,LOW phosphorus DRY CAT food as well It is worth checking which food you are feeding because some contain more calcium than others. The body needs a balance between phosphorus and calcium, so foods usually have a particular ratio of calcium to phosphorus. The minimum is 1:1, though for healthy cats a higher ratio of calcium to phosphorus is not normally a problem. Normal commercial diets tend to have a ratio of around 1.2:1 (calcium to phosphorus). Prescription kidney diets tend to contain more calcium in ratio terms because they are usually focused on keeping phosphorus levels low (Hill's k/d has a level of 1.7:1 canned and 1.43 dry. Purina NF is 1.68:1 for the dry and 1.36:1 for the canned. Royal Canin has much higher levels, at around 2:1) but the overall amount of calcium is still usually low.

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The following information; (dry matter basis, biological value, net utilization, etc) is adapted from "" website's thorough discussion of Cats nutritional needs and how and commercial cat foods meet those needs; and (CRF, chronic renal failure) low protein/low salt/low phosphorus diets for cats with kidney problems from the website ; and ( urine acidity, etc) from "Feline Urinary Infections" by Laura Pasten, D.V.M. . Calculate your cat food's Dry Matter Basis (DMB) protein and water content on PurrInn Cats Hostelry's Excel spread sheet.

Low Phosphorus – Help maintain electrolyte balance ..