just some concern about coconut flour and too much starch/carb.

Blue Wilderness Soft-Moist Cat Treats come in four natural, grain-free, low-carb flavors: Chicken & Trout, Chicken & Turkey, Chicken & Salmon, and Chicken & Duck. You’ll notice that each variety features real meat as its very first ingredient — again, a healthy and wholesome protein boost for all your kitty companions.

Cat treat recipe as formulated by  is rich in omegas, low-carb, and highly digestible and helps balance electrolytes.

Delicious and nutritious options for low-protein cat snacks are catnip and thoroughly washed greens, served fresh, cooked or dried. Although cats are carnivorous, the natural carbohydrates in greens are good for them and delicious. Try serving up small portions of steamed broccoli, asparagus, green beans, or baked carrots or winter squash to see what your companion cat likes best. Cats go crazy for catnip, which is a fantastic and low-protein treat. Give your cat some fresh catnip by itself or dried inside a toy. Try baking a couple of tablespoons of catnip in cookie or muffin recipes (minus the sugar) or steep it in a cup of hot water for a unique kitty tea.

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Our freeze dried turkey breast treats are low in fat, calories and carbs making them an ideal healthy snack for both dogs and cats. I see a few wondering about how truly healthy this is and I have to agree, I wonder as well. How paleo is this? Why not, if you want to make cat treats, make mini jerkies? Just small pieces of poultry, meat, fish or small shrimps drying in either a dehydrator or oven on the lowest. I do this for my cats and they love it. No high carbs, no tin cans, just pure meat and fish and nothing else. My cats love it!

I do eat EVO dry food so it is really low carb.

TruCarnivore Zero treats are simply irresistible, carnivore treats! As your pet is an obligate carnivore, they have little use for starch/carbohydrates. Many treats and foods on the market today are very high in carbohydrates. This often leads to obesity, which can then result in diabetes. With Young Again CarnivoreYUMS, you can spoil your pet, but not compromise their health. These highly acceptable treats were designed to feed along side our high protein, low starch foods, but will compliment any feeding regimen. YUMS can be fed to cats and ferrets of all ages.

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