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Although all dry foods are too high in carbohydrates (except as noted above) and too low in water (causing many cats to suffer tremendously from extremely painful and life-threatening urethral obstructions and cystitis), please be aware that some canned foods (especially ones with gravy/sauce) also contain far too many carbohydrates making them very poor choices for cats.

More and more cat owners everyday move to healthier alternatives. One of them is using low carb canned cat food.

Your cat’s diet plays a huge role in managing or preventing . In fact, the right type of diet, together with medication, can cause a newly diagnosed cat to become non-diabetic. In this article, we will give you tips on choosing a healthy diet and a list of low carb cat food for your cat.

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We have established the fact that canned is better than dry for overall health but…….. can a cat get fat on high protein/low-carb canned food? There are websites with extensive lists of carb content of commercial cat foods, both over the counter foods and veterinary prescription foods. You can google cat food composition chart and find the various websites. It’s usually easier to find the carb content on prescription veterinary diets than on over the counter cat food diets. Ideally we want a carb content less than 10% for diabetic cats, the lower the better.

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Answer: Great question! Carbohydrate content makes a big difference for diabetic cats. (Note: Diabetic dog families, this low-carb discussion does not pertain to diabetic dogs). I would expect if you took your diabetic cat off dry food altogether you will be able to lower his insulin dose. I’ve seen it happen lots of times. I once treated a cat whose blood glucose was in the 400s and 500s when we met. The family was feeding him dry W/D, which is a quality pet food. He was eating dry food only, and he had been diabetic for several months. Since I believe in low-carb diets for diabetic cats, I changed his diet and left the insulin dose the same. Changing him to canned-only without dry food dropped the blood glucose into the 100s and 200s within a couple of days. This was several years ago and I don’t recall which canned food they chose, but I was shocked by how quickly his numbers dropped with the change from dry to canned. Within a couple weeks he went into diabetic remission. Of course not all cats are so responsive to low- carb diets but the results can be this dramatic.

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