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There are a few corporate jobs available in Long John Silver’s, but there is no Long John Silver’s application available online or at restaurant locations for these positions. If you are interested in managing, IT, consulting, legal, accounting, marketing, or human resources positions with this company, you will need to contact their corporate location directly to see what is available and where you should send your resume to apply. Contact information is available on the Long John Silver’s webpage if you would like more basic information about how to contact the corporate office. The corporate office is located in Louisville, Kentucky, so those who submit a Long John Silver’s job application form for positions at the corporate level will need to be able to report for work there.

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The application process begins with providing personal information. Questions touch on basic details such as full name, preferred name, current address, Social security number, and both home and cell phone numbers. Candidates must then check a box confirming age over 18. If under 18, aspirants should specify age in the provided blank. The section then requests the job title of interest, i.e. team member, shift supervisor, assistant unit manager, or restaurant general manager. Job hopefuls should also indicate previous employment with KFC, A&W, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut, or Taco Bell. Lastly, if referred by a KFC employee, the job hunter should list the name of the associate.

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Jan 27, 2016 - Online Job Application Long John Silvers. Long John Silver's Application Print Form Image Name: Long John Silver's Application Print Form Before completing an application for Long John Silver’s, you should research the available jobs. This allows you to apply for the position that you are best suited for. The internet contains information about the expectations, responsibilities, and benefits of the various positions. Once you have found a position which interests you, complete the Long John Silver’s job application form and double-check that all information is complete and accurate before submitting.

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Historically high rates of employee turnover and fast-paced daily operations require managers to fill Long John Silver’s job openings quickly and with ready talent. In some cases, aspiring employees pass through the hiring process in less than a day. On average, most workers spend a few days going through interviews before receiving job offers. Candidates outside of managerial roles rarely encounter more than a week under formal review. Individuals may call, email, or visit restaurants to check on applications and ask about the next stages or requirements in the hiring process. Remain mindful of busy hours of operation when placing calls or making personal visits, such as lunch and dinner. Disrupting business may result in lowered review or dismissal from applicant pools.

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