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Our two female cats have been indoor/outdoor for the past 2 years. I’ve avoided the litter box because our home is only 885 sq ft and I worry it could be smelled all through the house. But snow just arrived and we’ll be leaving home for 3 days at Christmas. Just can’t let them stay out that long. So….I just purchased a pack of jumbo Nature’s Miracle disposable litter boxes, a large mat to catch litter and Dr. Elsey’s Precious litter. Thanks for your advice. Plan to scoop out twice a day and replace entire box and litter once a month. Hope it works.

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Here’s an eco-friendly litter scoop made from recycled plastic. The SmartyKat Loo Ladle litter scoop features a wide-mouth design, extra-large scoop and a long handle to make cat litter scooping less of a chore.

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Sand Dipper Jr - Long Handle Back Saver Hygienic Cat Litter Scoop * Click on the image for additional details. The "No Stoop" Litter Scoop™ features an extra long 30" handle. Works on the beach as well as in the cats litter box. Registered with the EPA for Gulf Coast oil-spill cleanup.

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With A Strong, Reinforced Handle, A Generous Capacity, And Constructed From Lightweight, Odor, Corrosion And Stain Resistant Plastic, The Perfect Litter Scoop For Multi-Cat Households Is Here! The 6.5" Long Handle Is 1.75" At Its Thickest, And The Jumbo-Capacity Scoop Is Nearly 5" Wide At Its Mouth And 1.75" Deep. The Thin 3/8" Openings Are Ideal For Clumping And Non-Clumping Litters Alike. When Not In The Use, The Scoop Conveniently Stores Via The Hanging Loop In Its Handle.

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【Non-corrosive】 This litter scoop is made of hand-polished cast aluminum, ensuring it won't bend, break, flick or rust. It will endure for a long time, always available to help you keep your cat's litter box clean.On the other hand, a shorter handle affords you more precision in scooping, and allows for the use of a hide-away storage bin that keeps the scoop out of sight when not in use. With a short handle scoop, we want a sturdy handle and scoop that will not bend or flick material around unexpectedly. Presented in this article are reviews of the 11 best cat litter scoops from both basic categories: both short and long handles, and details of the pros and cons of each model.I found a better option that would allow a person to keep their litter box in the same location. When seeking an answer on how to clean the litter box with a bad back, how about using the reacher that I’ve posted above. They make reachers for just about everything. I had a long handled comb for my hair after major neck surgery. This long handled scoop for cleaning the cat litter box works like a charm. It enables anyone with a bad back or other physical ailments to keep their cat’s pan scooped. It’s an answer for those who don’t have other options. It’s a small price to pay when considering the health of your back and the life of your kitty.
If you’re wondering how these scoops hold up to some serious cat litter box cleaning, the natural bio-composite is sturdy, strong and comparable to plastic scoops. However, this eco-friendly scoop is a pedigree above when it comes to being green. At under $10, the is pricier than a cheap plastic scoop, but it should last just as long and with the biodegradable bio-composite, you’ll have no guilt when it’s time to replace it.