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"Any approach to long hair cat care requires a daily or 3x per week grooming routine with both a comb and brush. Daily cat grooming stimulates the natural skin and hair oils, and keeps mats from forming. This is also a practical matter to keep shedding hair from gathering on clothing, the floor and furniture. The key to grooming to to start young and make it appear as part of being petted. Providing a treat will also make grooming more pleasant. Look for mats with your hands daily. If a mat does form, it is best pulled apart with your fingers followed by use of a metal comb, then brushing or a specialized tool. Baths may be helpful depending on your cat's grooming habits and tolerance for being washed. If your cat doesn't have a healthy looking coat consider a dietary change, supplement or scheduling a consultation with a veterinarian."

Long haired cats need far more frequent grooming, often a daily session is required.

While not as commonplace as dog grooming, cat grooming is a growing industry. Especially for long-haired cats, a good cat groomer can help keep feline fur looking sleek and free of knots. However, many cats are less likely to sit still and, thus, more difficult to groom than dogs. Professional cat groomers can groom cats better than most pet owners. In addition, they can spot potential health problems and offer suggestions for improving a cat’s overall health. Most cat groomers provide a range of services with different prices. Some cat groomers work out of their own facility, while others will come to the cat’s home. Some, such as of Pittsburgh, even have mobile cat grooming vehicles.

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Cats with long hair need daily grooming, like it or not. Here's some tips for successful fur care. There are three main areas where PetPlace can help your cat have a healthier life: claw clipping, brushing and bathing.
Since longhair cats require regular grooming the advantages of a professional groomer are training, skill, and experience. A great groomer work your cat's hair coat to look marvelous quickly and humanely, with a minimum amount of trauma. Bad mats and tangles can be treated at home – however if you have done this in the past, you run the risk of injuring your cat or causing a traumatic event. Grooming problems are best left to the professionals.

Some are designed to groom specific types of cats (long hair vs

It's not that shorthair cats don't need regular grooming or never get mats -- they do. It's just that their shorter, coarser outer coat requires lower maintenance than a long, silky coat. A shorthair cat who's diligent about her own grooming routine can do a lot to make up for an owner who's a little lazy with the brush and comb. But regular grooming is still a must for both longhair and shorthair cats.

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