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both Polish and German names were usedin the records during the 19th century. Generally in , German names were used predominantly and the Polish ones onlyoccasionally in the Catholic church records. In ,some of the Polish names were only slightly Germanized and often used until1919, but the general rule, in the decades before 1919, was that more andmore Polish names were gradually changed to German. As in West Prussia,the Polish versions were still in use in the Catholic church. The Germannames were sometimes direct translations, and sometimes they were speltsimilarly. In many cases no apparent similarity exists. After 1919, Polishnames were restored in the areas which were returned to Poland. Sometimesnew Polish names were invented - usually when a location didn't exist priorto the ,i.e in the 18th century.

Jane see”  the correct German/Prussian location is Flatow, Westpreußen note the ß is equal to “ss”.

First war with Muscovy is over. Thanks to previously integrated Lithuania, I inherited a lot of cavalry, which in combination with Polish idea "+33% Cavalry combat ability" and Sweden ally totally destroyed Muscovy. I took all three Prussian culture provinces in a peace deal, one Russian province for future Novgorod core return and released Perm to block Muscovy from colonizing. First coalition: Muscovy and Livonian Order, Sweden broke alliance.

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East Prussia '14 is available for sale at the John Tiller Software Store located here: ("to each, his own"), the motto of the created by King in 1701, was often associated with the whole of Prussia. The , a military decoration created by King in 1813, was also commonly associated with the country.[] The region, originally populated by Baltic who were Christianised, became a favoured location for immigration by (later mainly Protestant) (), as well as and along the border regions.

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Representatives of the Polish government officially took over the civilian administration of the southern part of East Prussia on 23 May 1945. Subsequently, Polish from as well as and from southern Poland, expelled in in 1947, were settled in the southern part of East Prussia, now the Polish . In 1950 the counted 689,000 inhabitants, 22.6% of them coming from areas annexed by the Soviet Union, 10% Ukrainians, and 18.5% of them pre-war inhabitants. The remaining pre-war population was treated as Germanized Poles and a policy of re-Polonization was pursued throughout the country Most of these "" chose to emigrate to from the 1950s through 1970s (between 1970 and 1988 55,227 persons from Warmia and Masuria moved to Western Germany). Local toponyms were Polonised by the Polish .

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