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“KEDI is a beautiful and charming movie,” says Liz Waski, General Manager of the Cedar Lee Theatre in a press release. “I’m happy that we are able to bring this film to Cleveland and I hope that our partner shelters are able to find good homes for some of our own local cats.”

We take in and rescue cats and kittens from local animal shelters and our feral colonies

When you foster a cat, dog or other pet, you will provide love, care and attention for a certain period of time or until the pet is adopted. You also open up a space in the shelter for another homeless pet, possibly saving a life. Sometimes the cost of food and veterinary care is covered by the shelter or a local rescue, or it may be tax deductible.

If you're looking for pets other than cats and dogs (i.e

High School Students Make Dog Houses For Local Shelters And Cat Houses For Feral Felines - AnimalWW Call your local animal shelter or humane agency for guidance
To find shelters and adoption groups in your area, use Petfinder’ s . They may be able to take your foundling and find her a new home. Be sure to give a donation if they do. However, if they are unable to accept the cat, or if you prefer to care for her yourself, ask the shelter or rescue group these questions:

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List the cat in your local “found” lists
If the cat stays in your care, be sure your local shelter places her on their “found” list. Perhaps she was not abandoned. She may be someone’s beloved pet who wandered away or accidentally hitched a ride in the back of a truck. Speak with your neighbors and post flyers. In searching for a possible owner, you may even find someone interested in adopting the cat.

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These sites offer the most comprehensive directories of animal shelters. If you're looking to adopt a cat or if you found a stray and want to find local help. Click around below.Colony Cats is excited to announce that we are a network partner of . Best Friends believes that collaboration with local pet shelters and animal rescue organizations – the people who know their communities best – is key to ending the killing in America’s shelters.Pawmetto Lifeline, a local non-profit animal rescue whose mission is to create a no-kill community in the Midlands, saw a brief reprieve from cat and kitten euthanasias within the local municipal shelters over the past few months. Unfortunately, Pawmetto Lifeline’s … Continue reading → LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Kitten season is here and local animal shelters are at their max with people dropping off unwanted litters and pregnant cats. Some litters are found but most are dropped off from owners who don't spay or neuter their pets.