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Lloyd Bonafide calls in after hearing Phil read a news story about Lewis the cat, Lloyd claims his neighbor Dick Steelworth has a cat that teabagged him.

ICAT Managers, a Boulder, Colorado-based managing agency, will write most of the syndicate's business through Lloyd's-approved coverholder arrangements, the two companies said in a statement.

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Lloyd Center Pharmacy has a long history of working with local veterinarians to help medicate the furry friends in our lives. Hold on to your hats, cat-loving connoisseurs of mid-century modern design! Here’s something you don’t see everyday! It’s a vintage cat house designed by the office of none other than . This pieces was designed for the daughter of Gerald Tonkens, for whom Frank Lloyd Wright designed a in 1955.

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The original drawing of the cat house, ‘Felis Catus’, was completed by Thomas Olson, the site supervisor for the project. Apparently, Mr. Wright described the design to Mr. Olson over the phone, which is why the design is credited to the Office of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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were not Lloyd Alexander’s first books for children. He started with a book called, . Subtitled “The Remarkable Journeys of Jason and Gareth,” the book was inspired by his cat Solomon: An appreciation blog for the Cinema Snob's right-hand cat, Lloyd.

I am not affiliated with TGWTG or the Cinema Snob in any way. I am but a humble fan with a little too much time on my hands. Jason discovers his cat Gareth can speak and is willing to take his human friend back in time to visit his other lives. First, they are in ancient Rome, taken in by “the Old Cats of Caesar,” one of Roman legions. From there, the pair go to other times and places, but there’s much more to the story than a simple travelogue. got Lloyd Alexander a firm foothold in children’s literature, which he found to be much more freeing than writing adult books as they gave him a wider, brighter canvas to talk about important things such as how the world might be made a better place and the importance of kindness.Wow! That is great ! The house I grew up in
from age. 2-9 was designed by a student
of Frank Lloyd Wright. It was a very unusual
house for the time period , no cat house but
am sure they would have loved it!! But my
cat did have a indoor fish pond with a water