Litter-Robot II Classic™ Self-Cleaning Automatic Cat Litter Box

We bought our first Litter Robot a couple of months ago, just to see if it was worth it. And how it is!! We bought a second one after a week. I have been so thrilled with mine that I just purchased one for my mother who is retired and has limited mobility – but also has two indoor kitties. It is so easy to use and clean up, I don’t have to worry about her hurting herself with heavy litter bags and refills. Within two days all four of our cats were using it – and we couldn’t be happier! No more smell, no more mess – and the clean up is VERY easy! No more cat smell either, that is wonderful!! Best of all we are actually /saving/ money – our litter consumption has dropped incredibly, and we don’t have to buy expensive litter box liners anymore. Less litter (and non-premium at that!) AND being able to use cheap trash can liners? WOW! All I can say is that those two Litter Robots were the best investment we’ve ever made. I was extremely skeptical at first, but I’m completely sold on them. We are looking forward to many years of happy cats and clean cat boxes.

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I purchased my litter-robot as a Christmas present for my cats and myself. I am a cash and carry kind of person. I almost bought another automatic litter box from the pet store for the sake of sheer convenience, until I read the customer testimonials. There was not one bad review. So I stepped out of character and ordered a product online. It was one of the best purchases I have made.

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Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box Review Litter-Robot III Open Air Review - Floppycats We also have 9 other cats that stay in their own pet room. This room was built especially for the cats. The cats have free run of this room. They also have the ability to go outside when ever they want to. They come and go all day and all night long. Before I purchased the Litter-Robot I was going through three 14 pound boxes of litter a week. If the weather outside was bad. I could go through even more litter.

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We have two cats that stay in our den. Until we purchased our second Litter-Robot. We were using a conventional litter cat box. My wife was going through one to one and a half 14 pound boxes of litter a week. With the Litter-Robot we might go through one 14 pound box of litter every two weeks.

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