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You might think adopting a cat would be easier than getting a dog. After all, the solitary, self-sufficient feline is the perfect pet for the working person. But I heard from people who were turned down because of the curse of full-time employment—the cat may ignore you, but you should be home all day anyway. Others were told they need to accept a pair of cats or get nothing. And don’t even think about telling the rescue people your cat might go outside occasionally. Lisa wrote to say that she rescues strays that live in her house but are allowed outdoors. When she was looking for another cat and explained this to the person at the shelter, they turned her away.

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Have you addressed what type of pet personality you are looking for? Wait a second, did we just say personality, and not breed? Yes, that is right. Finding the ideal pet for yourself or family should start with an understanding of the ideal pet personality. Consider this, do you need a dog that is low key and good with kids, or are you looking for an energetic pal who is into trail running? Perhaps a cat that will get along well with others is what you need. The dog rescues and cat rescues that post hundreds of local pets near you are experts at matching you with a dog or cat who will love the life you can provide. This is why so many people are realizing focusing on dog adoption and cat adoption from a rescue is the ideal pet search process. Best of all, our website has a feature called "New Pet Alerts." Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will e-mail you when that perfect pet is available! So even if you've made the commitment to adopt a puppy or adopt a kitten, we will e-mail you immediately when we know of a local little furry fellow who is in need of a new home!

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Picture of Little dog and cat at the veterinary checkup stock photo, images and stock photography. 2. Set up the cat’s belongings where the dog can’t get to them. Move the cat’s food, water, toys, and litter box to an area the dog can’t reach. The idea is to allow the cat to do whatever she needs to do without having to go near the dog; that way, she can explore the new pooch and his territory at her own speed.

This little dog thinks its all big until the cat fights back! lol.

provide temporary care for a dog or cat in their home, offering these pets much-appreciated time in a loving home instead of a shelter or boarding facility. The Mayor's Alliance is always in need of kind, reliable foster caretakers for animals who are awaiting adoption or have been temporarily displaced from their homes. You can learn more and submit a Volunteer Application on our .

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We are currently seeking volunteers to grow our foster home network. Fostering is a rewarding experience where you temporarily house animals in need in your own home until they are ready for adoption. Foster animals include pregnant dogs/cats, nursing dogs/cats and their litters, dogs/cats recovering from injuries or dogs/cats in need of socialization. We recommend having a separate area in your home to care for foster pets; a spare bedroom, bathroom or laundry room works great. The shelter provides all medical care and dry food. Foster homes provide wet food, litter for the kitties, bedding and daily care of the animals. Supplies you purchase to care for foster animals may be tax deductible.By Jackson Galaxy

There are some cornerstone thoughts to remember, when introducing dogs to cats in a new living arrangement, in order to avoid problems. These revolve around the rather simplistic thought that they are different species. They don’t share the same set of body language postures, nor the same social structure. Of course, if either animal was exposed to the other species during their “critical phase” of social development, that may give them an advantage in knowing what to expect from the other. On the other hand, cats will never be pack hunters and dogs will never be as confident as cats when in solitary situations. It’s just the nature of the beast!