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Please note that some drugs are so bitter that even compounding will not hide the awful taste. An example of this type of drug is amitriptyline which is often used for anxiety and inappropriate elimination (not using a litter box) problems. Fortunately, this medication is formulated into a small, coated pill but a food or liquid chaser still needs to be administered if the cat is pilled.

My cat has stomatistic and is hangry but his mouth is so sore that he lleap the liqid food.

Encourage your cat to eat small, frequent meals of a palatable, high energy, highly digestible food. Warming food to body temperature often makes it more appealing. Some sick cats can be encouraged to eat more by hand feeding. Your veterinarian will advise you if there are any foods that you should not offer. If your cat cannot be tempted to eat voluntarily, your veterinarian may suggest giving liquid food via a syringe. An alternative is to hospitalize the cat and feed it via a feeding tube.

KMR Kitten Milk Replacer Cat Food Supplement Liquid 11oz Can

Squeeze dropper to desired level as per usage instructions. Pour liquid on cat's food or mix with food. Do not pour in cat's water. The good news is my cat loves the liquid Dinovite mixed with his soft food and the hair he has pulled out is slowly growing back. He's on his second tube and I recently started giving it to him twice a day. However, he still feels the need to pull out the rest of his hair and he constantly scratches his neck to the point of it being raw and scabby. As others have stated, shots did not work and will shorten his lifespan. He is a sweet fun-loving active cat who adopted us and he's been kept indoors for two years now. I plan on continuing with the liquid Dinovite in hopes it will solve his problem and then I'll be able to give you a 5-Star rating.

Can I mix liquid amoxicillin with wet cat food for treatment

I bought this for 3 of our cats each with a different issue. One was 3 y/o and was licking the fur off her legs and losing hair. I saw results with in a few weeks. Now her fur is soft and she no longer chews herself. My older boys, each 12 were lethargic and not wanting to do much so I added it to their diet as well. They now are playing again and much more active. The only thing adverse I could say is it is not really liquid. It is more of a paste and can be difficult to mix in well. Although after 2 weeks they all eat it fine with their canned food. Will definitely keep them on it.

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If your cat is ill, has difficulty eating or keeping down solid foods, or it has been recommended by your veterinarian, a liquid diet may be an important part of your cat's recovery and treatment. A short-term liquid diet may involve careful hand-feeding using a syringe; and long-term liquid feeding can be done through a tube placed either through the cat's nasal passage and esophagus (nasogastric tube, or n-g tube); an esophagotomy tube, which goes through the side of the neck into the esophagus and stomach; or a surgically implanted tube that leads directly to the stomach (called a PEG tube). Before starting a liquid diet, be sure to discuss your cat's individual nutritional needs with your vet and make sure you know any special techniques your cat may need when you feed her.A liquid diet may be required at times if your cat has a health problem or has undergone a surgery. The diet will be prescribed by the vet and administered at the hospital, but you may have to administer the food at home in some cases. The food may be purchased, but it can also be prepared at home if the cat has certain requirements.