Economical, lightweight pet carrier with zippered top entrance .

Soft-sided carrier. These types of carriers are usually made of nylon or ballistic nylon, and they are lightweight and easy to tote. Some things to keep in mind about soft-sided cat carriers are:

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Once you’re sure that your cat will like the carrier, you can pick it up for cheap. The lightweight construction means that the majority of the weight you’re carrying is mostly of your cat’s weight. If you’re done traveling with your pet, you can easily fold the carrier for storage. If you choose to wash it, it dries in minutes thanks to the nylon fabric.

This stroller is light weight and perfect for my 7 lb.

JIONS Front Dog Cat Backpack Travel Bag Carrier Free Your Hands Lightweight and Safe Red *** Want to know more, click on the image. Some cat owners aren't comfortable with lightweight, cloth carriers and have cats that require something a little sturdier. This two-door pet kennel from PetMate is made of plastic and steel, constructed so you can load pets in from the top and the front rather than just one entryway. The front opening uses steel wires coated with a secure latch. You can see inside from the front and sides now. This makes for increased visibility for both pet and owner as well as added strength and carrier durability. Pet transport has never been easier with its ergonomic carry handle for safer transport. And the bottom made with coffee grounds is excellent for absorbing unpleasant odors.

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Don't put the carrier in the back of a covered pickup truck. Exhaust fumes can enter and asphyxiate your cat. The back of an uncovered pickup truck is too insecure and scary for the lightweight cat and carrier to ride in.

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cattom Front Cat Dog Backpack Travel Bag Carrier Free Your Hands Lightweight and Safe -- Tried it! Love it! Click the image. : Cat Cages, Carrier and Strollers We hope you and your cats will have fun and enjoyment with our lightweight cat carrier. It’s easy to use and setup. As you can see, our design is quite different from most other cat carriers you’ve seen on the market. The Kitty Carrier simply zips together similar to a pup tent. We use the same tough outdoor multi-color plastic coated nylon mesh fabric like the because it’s so tough and it has just the right amount of thread spacing to allow you to see in and your cat to see out. And because the fabric is Multi-Color each Kitty Carrier is unique and slightly different in color just like the Kitty Cot. Each Kitty Carrier come with a beautiful sisal mat for the bottom which cats LOVE. Our Kitty Carrier may not be for everyone but we think we offer a rugged, tough, portable and collapsible cat carrier for years. Plus for those of us who are space and clutter conscious ours is the fit for you. When your’re done using the carrier just fold or roll it up and store it out of site and out of mind.