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I always advise my clients to not use those toys for with their cats. Or, if they’re absolutely set in their ways about using it, my recommendation is to start the game with the laser toy and then start shining it on an actual interactive toy so eventually the cat can go after the toy alone.

What is it about laser pointers that cats find so irresistible — and are they safe?

Then there are the infamous laser pointer videos. A kitty chases and bats wildly at the tiny red dot on the wall, purring, mewing, and batting at the beam of light. These videos are endlessly entertaining for sure, but are laser pointers safe to use for cats?

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Now that we know the benefits and the reasons behind play for cats, let's reconsider laser toys. Good observation! Cats seem to go crazy pointlessly chasing the elusive beam of light. Laser pointers and laser toys can frustrate cats, overstimulate them, and, in some cases, cause them to act aggressively toward playmates. In the majority of cases, lasers pointers should be left at the office where they fulfill their raison d’├¬tre — pointing out specifics in presentations.

Are Cat Laser Pointer Toys Really Safe

Do you know why some cats are completely immune to the laser toys? I had three cats, all related, all Siamese-ish, and all three had zero interest in any kind of laser toys. It was very odd. I would watch my friends cats go crazy for lasers, but my cats would just completely ignore them.

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Oh, and while you're destroying those evil rats keep your ears peeled for the new tracks Thiago added to our soundtrack!Cats and laser pointers are always fun. We could watch our small predators chasing the red dot forever, but there’s one question that spoils the party: is it bad for cats to play with laser pointers?Thinking about buying a laser cat toy? Learn the pros and cons with cats and lasers, and let the experts weigh in on whether your cat wants a laser toy.Admiral Spaceship and Nitro get help from Aliens’ Ripley when they travel through time to try and stop the first laser cats from ever hatching. Featuring Sigourney Weaver & James Cameron.