6 - The Siberian Cat - Ancestor to all modern long-haired cats

The Burmilla comes in two coat lengths, semi long hair and shorthair. Semi long hair Burmilla are known as Tiffanie in GCCF. The most common (standard) coat is the short-hair. This is a short, close-lying coat similar in appearance to the Burmese but with slightly padded feel due to the undercoat, it has a very soft, silky feel. The recessive longhair gene inherited from the Chinchilla can produce Longhair Burmilla. These cats have a semi-longhair coat following the lines of the body, with a soft, silky feel and a large plumed tail. The Shorthair gene is dominant, and where a cat receives one of each, the appearance will be Shorthair. Two Longhair Burmillas mated together will always produce Longhair kittens, while Shorthair matings depend on whether the Longhair genes are carried by the Shorthair parents.

Australian Mists are medium-sized short-haired cats, with a round head and large eyes

Often described as having a “teddy bear” appearance, the British Shorthair is a sturdy cat with a large head and big, round, inquisitive eyes. The breed is slow to mature, not reaching full size until at least three years of age. They are big cats, with males reaching as much as 17 pounds. Powerful and well balanced, the Shorthair is broad of chest and short of leg with rounded paws and a tail that narrows to a rounded tip from a thick base. Small ears top a sizeable head made to appear even wider thanks to the cat’s full cheeks.

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Buy discount FURminator deShedding Tool For Large Cats Over 10 lbs, 2.65 The Devon Rex is a breed of cat with very soft, short, curly hair similar to that of the Cornish Rex. They have uncommonly large ears set low on the sides of their wide heads. Their eyes are large and their noses are slightly upturned. Unlike most cats, their whiskers are very short and often curled.

Being a big cat, he isn't fond of being carried around

American Shorthairs are low-maintenance cats that are generally healthy, easy-going, affectionate with owners, and social with strangers. Males are significantly larger than females, weighing 11-15 pounds when fully grown. Mature females weigh 8-12 pounds when they achieve full growth at three to four years of age. American Shorthairs can live up to 15-20 years, like most felines, and often require only annual vaccinations, veterinary checkups, and a quality diet. These cats usually have long tails and slender bodies.

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The Shorthair is believed to have been brought to North America from Europe by the early settlers on ships like the Mayflower to protect the cargo from being destroyed by mice and rats. They are the 7th most popular breed in the United States. This working cat is athletic, generally healthy and friendly with strangers. The males are larger than the females, often weighing up to three pounds more than the fairer sex. With proper diet and care, the American Shorthair can live 15 years or longer. These cats make good family pets and are helpful in catching pests and insects.Domestic Shorthairs have short, sleek fur. They come in every color seen in cats, as well as just about every pattern, including tortoiseshell, mackerel tabby and solid.

Domestic Shorthairs can have different body types and facial expressions, depending on the more prominent breeds in an individual cat’s ancestry. Their weight can vary, from 11 to 22 pounds. Males tend to be larger than females.