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Any safe enclosure should be made of something in which cats cannot get their claws, paws, or heads stuck in the product used to enclose the framing or between the framing and the enclosure wrapping. Be especially wary of having young kittens in an enclosure. Kittens are smaller than they seem and can squeeze into very small openings you didn't expect they could. Their fur makes them seem larger than their bodies actually are.

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chicken wire cat enclosure | Chicken Chook Rabbit Cat Hutch Cage Coop LARGE RUN Enclosure The ... These companies also commonly design outdoor enclosures for larger animals, such as birds, zoo animals, and dogs. Though these constructions are both permanent and expensive, you may want to choose these if you have many, many cats and want to give them something very large to play in outside.

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Third, exercise your pet daily. Kittens tend to do this on their own with no problem. They will play with their toys in their enclosure. They love to bounce up and down on their large cat trees. And tearing up their cat beds is pure sport to them. However, as your cat ages, he starts to slow down and may become lazy. So it’s important to keep your pet moving in order to maintain his health and prevent obesity. Encourage your pet to play with you in his indoor cat cage or tree condo. Use treats, toys and innovative games to keep your pet interested.

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