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A: Yes it does. This type of pet door expects the screen frame to be no thicker than 1/2". If thinner then ⅜”, the screen frame might not be strong enough to support a larger dog door. If it is thicker than 1/2", then the pet door frame must be modified. With the we indicate the manufacturer will do this for you in the description for the specific pet door, or you may do-it-yourself with a table saw and metal-cutting blade if you choose to go with the .

Larger in size than our cat flaps, the pet door is designed for large cats and small dogs

Give your pet access to any room in the house, even when the door is shut with TRIXIE Extra Large 4-Way Cat Door with Tunnel. The durable plastic frame with silent action transparent flap make it ideal for the garage, laundry, or litter box room door. Restrict access using the special sealing and magnetic closure with 4-way security lock.

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Larger in size than our cat flaps, the pet door is designed for large cats and small dogs A simple type of cat door which still offers some extra options is a . These are available for small or large cats and with or without a magnet latch. There are four different ways to adjust the locking mechanism. 1: completely locked, 2: the cat can only go out, 3: the cat can only come inside, 4: the cat can go in and out at will.

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Thirty years ago in the United States pet doors were generally 'small', 'medium', 'large' and 'extra large'. If you had a cat, you generally used a 'small' unless it was a very big cat.

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Our experience is that 99.5% of all cats can easily get through this cat door. However, we do offer a FAT CAT brush for very large cats (over 20 pounds). This brush has shorter bristles and therefore provides a larger opening in the cat door. (Since, this brush is not required for most cats, we only offer this feature through our direct sales.) If you have a large cat and are interested in the FAT CAT brush, take a look at at our page. Just a quick review & demonstration of this nice large cat door by Lifepul that can be locked in one or both directions. It's easy to install, and durable enough to last for quite some time.

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We know that Ideal Pets come in all shapes and sizes, so we offer products that fit your family’s needs. This large cat door is specially designed for cats weighing up to 25 pounds.Specially developed for the largest cats up to a shoulder height of 14" and featuring a secure double point 4 way locking system. The secure 4-Way locking system gives you complete control over your cat's access. The 'LOCK OUT' setting will allow your cat to leave the house and ensures no unwanted animals may enter. The 'LOCK IN' setting will allow your cat to enter, but not escape from the house - ideal for keeping your cat in at night or vet visits. The door can also be totally locked, allowing no passage in or out, or totally unlocked, allowing your cat to come and go as it pleases. Self lining and adjustable for doors, walls and screens from 0" to 2" thick. Can also be installed in walls of any thickness by creating a tunnel liner (instructions included). Transparent, silent action flap is preferred by most cats. Magnetic closure keeps flap shut in strong winds. Sealed against rain, insects and drafts. 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Lifetime parts guarantee.