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Cat food may be less costly in bulk, but what you save in cash you'll lose in freshness. The longer you have a big sack of cat food sitting in the cupboard, the less fresh it will become. Unless you have more than one cat to gobble the food up, look for small-to-regular size containers. You may be tempted to bring home that large bag (fewer trips to the market!), but most likely it will overstay its welcome. To buy smaller bags of dry cat food means going through it faster and replenishing more often, which guarantees freshness.

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PURR!!! FedEx just delivered 120 large bags of Pro Plan cat food which were donated by our friends at Purina. How amazing is that?! Purina is also sending us a pallet of donated Tidy Cat litter next week. We use A LOT of food and litter in our sanctuary, foster homes and offsite adoption centers so this is such a blessing. Not having to purchase food and litter for a while will allow us to provide even medical care for even more cats and kittens in need this year. Thank you so much, Purina!

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Apr 9, 2015 - It can be tempting to purchase large bags of dry cat food but as soon as the bag is opened, the food will start to degrade Dry cat food shows more striking changes for small bags, with their share in terms of poundage volume growing from 14.6 percent in 2011 to 19.3 percent to date. At the same time, shares of medium and large bags have slightly declined, from 28.1 percent to 27.9 percent and 49.9 percent to 28.7 percent, respectively. While extra-large bags have never had much presence in dry cat food, for obvious reasons, their share has also declined, from 7.4 percent in 2011 to 4.1 percent in 2016.

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Plastic, glass or metal bins can also help protect dog food from the elements and from insects, rodents and other vermin; but owners should still place the food inside its original bag rather than pouring the kibble directly into a container. Store the bag or container off of the floor in a cool and dry location. Bins on wheels simplify the storage and movement of large bags of food.

Buy Purina Kitten Chow Nurture Cat Food 14 lb

It can be tempting to purchase large bags of dry cat food but as soon as the bag is opened, the food will start to degrade. Small bags may be more expensive, but the food is less likely to go stale before you use it all up. Close the food bag securely after each use. If you want to store the food in a plastic container, keep the food inside the bag and then place the bag into the container, as food transferred directly to the container might take on the odour of the plastic. Store the food in a cool, dry place.