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Findings of these studies are of concern, particularly in the rottweiler breed, but it remains to be seen whether these findings are confirmed in larger well-controlled prospective studies or in differing breeds. Recent studies in the golden and Labrador retriever and vizsla breeds reported no increased risk of osteosarcoma in gonadectomized dogs compared to intact dogs, which illustrates the difference between dog breeds and the danger of extrapolating findings from breed-specific studies to other breeds or the population as a whole. Osteosarcoma is an uncommon tumor in cats, and an association with gonadectomy in cats has not been identified.

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Pyometra is a life-threatening disease seen in unspayed dogs and cats, but the disease is much more frequent in dogs than in cats.,,, The risk of pyometra in unspayed dogs has been reported to range from 25% to 66% in dogs over 9–10 years old, and some breeds (collies, golden and Labrador retrievers, rottweilers, and German shepherds) appear to have a strong predilection for pyometra (). Complete removal of the ovaries and uterus of female dogs prevents pyometra from occurring.

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Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, and adopt your new Eager To Please Not Good With Cats Black Labrador Retriever. Christine Gowen, managing editor of the Pet HealthZone, has enjoyed a menagerie of pets throughout her lifetime, including dogs, cats and exotic critters such as guinea pigs, hamsters, black-hooded rats, a mouse, and even a chicken. Along with her husband, she is the proud parent of four kids — two of which are her beloved Labrador retrievers.

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I wont pretend to be a professional, however I've always know Labrador retrievers to be incredibly friendly toward any companion. Just be sure to make sure BOTH animals are calm before and during the introduction, which goes especially toward the cat. Cats also tend to do better with other animals if introduced to them at a younger age.

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The stomach's capacity is two to five ounces per pound, so a 50-pound Labrador Retriever may have almost a half gallon (eight cups) of stomach capacity. Thus, dogs can vomit an enormous amount, which often happens if they eat garbage. Dogs and cats can also vomit small amounts, especially if they have infections, , or .I am wanting to get a dog and a cat, preferably a puppy and a kitten. I want to get the puppy first and I already know that I want a Bengal cat. I have read that Bengal cats can get bored if they do not have a lot of toys to play with while the owner is away at work for 8 hours and can resort to breaking things in the house for entertainment. And people recommend that Bengal cats can be kept with other Bengal cats, regular household cats, and dogs so that they do not get bored and tear up the house.

So, I was wondering how well do Labrador Retrievers get along with cats? Could there be any problems with them; and I would be better off keeping the Labrador in a crate or a separate room while I am away? Or could I keep the Labrador and the Bengal together without having to worry about them?