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Knit and Crochet Toys for Your Cat – 19 free patterns – Grandmother's Pattern Book Transform a few jingle bells and some leftover yarn scraps into hours of pet-friendly fun! Your fuzzy pals will definitely adore these quick-knitting triangular cat toys.

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Quick toys made from household items are a big hit with my cats. Spend hours knitting a set of mice? They won’t touch them. Spend 10 minutes knotting together T-shirt fabric scraps? They’re all over them! This is great news for those of you who can’t knit, sew, crochet or otherwise craft your way out of a paper bag. (By the way, paper bags? Also make fun cat toys.)

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Fuzzy Tree Cat Toys Handmade with Knitted Soft Durable Yarn / Kitten Play Cat Kickers / Optional Jingle Bell and Catnip by oddballcattoys on EtsyBarn Yarn Animals are Handknit Wool Cat Toys - Filled with Premium Catnip. These are made of 100% wool and are made in the Northern Highlands of South America by descendants of the Inca Indians. The Incas have handed down the craft of knitting through many generations.Adorable Cat Stuffed Toy. Cat Soft Toys , Pet Toys are hand crafted and knitted with care, attention for those young at heart from children to more mature. Knitted cat toy. Snuggle up with these. A little of me goes into each of these adorable creations. The items are hand loomed and stuffed with high quality Loops and Thread fiber fill. They are also known as small toys called Amigurumi (Japanese Knitting).I always have to hide my fun fur when I'm knitting with it. The cat toys are perfect. I can make some up and keep them on hand and then we both can enjoy fun fur.June is National Adopt a Cat Month, and if you have a feline friend sharing your home or about to be welcomed into your family, I'm sure he or she would love a new toy! Here's a roundup of some fun, fast and easy cat toys to knit or crochet for that special cat in your life. Don't forget to make a few extra for the kitties at your local shelter--they will be forever thankful!If you’re handy with knitting needles or a crochet hook, there’s a whole world of patterns out there (many of them free!) instructing you on how to make your own cat toys. From standard mice to more exotic whales, bunnies and toys resembling human food items, you’ve got your choice of toys. My choice for patterns is the database at — you can search specifically for cat toys, but don’t discount human child toys as potential cat playthings, either.