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My kittens high on Catnip!!I Moved! Now have my own place and my own kittens.

The kitty "high" lasts from five to 15 minutes and causes a loss of inhibition. While the behaviors may look similar to cats-in-love, catnip is NOT a feline aphrodisiac. It prompts similar behaviors in both neutered and intact cats. Catnip-intoxicated cats act like furry fools who roll and flop about on the floor, drool and have a wonderful relaxing time.

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Learn how to pick, or make, the best toys for your cat or kitten and even how to play along 2. Inferior quality catnip. Many other catnip brands are "cut" with straw, stems and other filler. This may fool the cat owner, but it doesn’t fool kitty! Try some Certified Organic Catnip or fresh Catnip.

Dec 16, 2011 - How safe is catnip

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these kittens belong to a friend of mine and they were given these toys to play with that are stuffed with catnip. you can clearly see these savages devouring the living essence off these toys...merciless and without regret


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Catnip and Cats: Effects of Catnip, Catnip Spray, Toys, and More

Fans of no doubt recognize as soon as they lay eyes on the interface–because, well, they’re almost identical. Don’t let that fool you though–Kittens Game is deceptively difficult, and beneath its adorable premise (kittens in a catnip field!) lurks something…not darker. More thoughtful, maybe.Felines who like catnip will generally roll around, rub their faces in it, salivate, jump, run around, and purr for about 10 to 15 minutes. Different cats have different reactions, but these are usually the signs that show your kitty is enjoying the herb.The initial game requires more attention than I realized at first, which resulted in me being greeted with the phrase “kittens starved to death” over and over and over. Nothing really ruins your day like being told you killed some kittens, I have to say. Eventually, you can have Scholar Kittens and Woodcutting Kittens, which sounds absolutely adorable, and advance through the seasons. Each season lasts 1000 days and you better be paying attention, because when winter comes, your catnip fields decrease production and kittens start dying en masse, you horrible monster.The leaves can also be used to introduce your cat to a new cat bed, cat tree or other piece of cat furniture. Sprinkling the leaves or using a spray on cat furniture allows your kitty to associate a good feeling to the furniture. Your cat will also end up marking the furniture with the glands on the sides of his face. This makes your him more likely to use the furniture. Of course, this only works if your cat is one of the many who enjoy a bit of the 'nip.