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The most obvious role of cats in advertising is cat-food. Modern cats do not provide for themselves - if you have a pet cat, you need to buy cat food. Over the years, brands have come and gone (Kattomeat, Choosy, Umami, Purrfect, DeliKat, Kit'n'Caboodle) and the modern trend is niche marketing (kitten foods, senior foods, indoor cat formula, hairball control formula etc). During the 1980s and 1990s, there were several major takeovers and mergers that resulted in once-familiar cat food brands being discontinued or rebranded as the merged companies rationalised their product lines.

Q.60 And you are still there. What has been the history of the Kit Kat cat food from 1974 up to 1985?

The story behind the modern manufacture of Kit-E-Kat is interesting. An American organisation, Chappell Bros Inc, set up an factory at Pendleton, Manchester, a quarter of a century ago with plant imported from the States for the manufacture of a dog food known as Ken-L-Ration. In 1935 a new factory was established on the Slough Trading Estate and the organisation eventually assumed the title of Chappie Ltd and the brand name of "Chappie" soon became highly esteemed throughout the canine world. A progressive policy was maintained over the years and even throughout the war, when much experimental work and improvisation of machinery became necessary. A subsidiary was formed for the purpose of developing a cat food; that subsidiary is known to-day as Kit-E-Kat Ltd.

andy forgets his line and remembers it is a cat food.

Q.70 Can you give me some idea of the quantities that were manufactured of Kit Kat cat food by Momence? Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a serious condition affecting many cats. Fortunately, it is controllable for years with proper cat medicine and diet. There are various causes of Feline IBD, including probably some unknown ones. Feline Allergies, especially feline food allergy, are known to play a significant part in both cause and treatment. These cat allergies, to such things as beef, chicken, turkey, fish, grains, and others, can often be controlled by feeding a hypoallergenic cat diet that doesn't contain the provoking ingredients. I receive many cat health questions about inflammatory bowel disease in cats. Following is one example:

Hi, Dr. Neely,

Kit-Kat is about 6 1/2 and has Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She is maintained on 1.25 mg of Prednisone every other day.

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In a 1955 article in the Financial Times under the heading " Better Times for Pets," a correspondent comments that the continual publicising of the need to take better care of animal pets seems to be having effect. More attention is now paid to their feeding and the fact that Kit-E-Kat was the most heavily advertised single product of all would seem to illustrate the belief that "the cat is a better consumer than the dog." Canned foods were steadily replacing direct sales of horse-flesh and fish heads, which it considered was all for the general good.

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