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You have to put several things into consideration: is the area of your cat scratcher hard to reach? When you make efforts in how to keep cats from scratching furniture, if the location of your cat scratcher is near something dusty or dirty, your cats do not want to go there. If it is located in a quiet place, your cats wouldn’t want to approach it too. The first things for you to succeed in how to keep cats from scratching furniture is to put your cat scratcher next to the things they like to scratch too much. By this, your cats will be more easier to find the cat scratcher if you are doing so. This will be better if you have two cat scratchers in your place just in case your cats are scratching in the wrong place.

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Many cat owners find themselves desperately in need of solutions regarding how to keep cats from scratching furniture. The sad truth about owning felines is that they have a for scratching certain objects including valuable furniture - particularly couches and bedding. This can pose a great aesthetic and financial problem for pet owners who love their animals dearly, but love their five-thousand dollar oak canopy bed just as much. That varnished mahogany hope chest might as well be a cardboard box for all kitty cares. Nothing can survive a cat that is an avid scratcher.

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A good scratching post in the right spot can keep your cats from destroying your furniture. Spraying citrus scents on the areas that you don't want your cat to scratch may also keep your pet from tearing up your furniture. Cats dislike the smell of citrus.

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Cats sharpen claws on many surfaces. This helps keep nails from over-growing, and allows the cat to say, “I am here!!!”. It is a common greeting behavior. Do not allow even mild attempts for scratching on furniture. Habits are hard to break. It is much easier to start correct behavior than stop established destructive problems.

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