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I grew up in Glenmont, NY and had a desire to work with animals since the age of five. I have fond memories of bringing home many little critters. I started working with a Veterinarian in 10th grade. I graduated from Becker Jr. College, Leicester, MA receiving an AAS degree in Veterinary Science in 1984. I joined Just Cats as a Veterinary Technician in May 2010. I love cats and have 2 of my own along with a dog. I live in Nassau, NY with my husband and 2 teenage daughters.

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Please understand that local rescues, including All 4 Cats, are almost always going to be full. We are small organizations that are made up of volunteers--people just like you with lots of obligations. We do our best to assist as many concerned citizens and cats as possible. We would love your help with the stray you found and perhaps with other cats in the future.

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And Just 4 Cats, the only feline exclusive in Delaware County, has made cats the patient of choice. I mix a bowl of Fish4cats treats: apparently just 65% fish with an addition of cranberry to aid their urinary tract health, and algea. I add some chicken and liver treats and to my surprise they seem to like everything.

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Yeah, I know I could simply give cats a million HP or even set them to essential, but I'd rather make them just act like cats. Cats hate loud noises and, when confronted by a loud, messy scene, will go to ground fast. This should make FO4 cats do that, as well as give them a bit of health boost in case they're not quick enough to skedaddle.

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That's right, just two hours a week is all it takes to make a huge difference in the lives of cats! All 4 Cats is looking for morning volunteers to help with cage cleaning, cat play-time and event preparation. Located at "All 4 Cats Central" in Wilmington.
I have worked at Just Cats since the summer of 2014. I will be a senior next September at Guilderland High School. I enjoy playing softball and I live in Guilderland with my family and our dog Sadie and our cat Alice.Dr. Sikule began Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in 1994, filling a niche in the community to care for feline patients in the capital district. She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine, after completing her undergraduate at the University of Rochester. She has specific interests in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and holistic medicine including acupuncture.Our two cats are blissfully unaware of all these hazardsthey just want to be outside where all the fun is. We decided to build them an enclosed cat run where they could play and explore safely. Our house has an unused side yard about 5 feet wide. We attached a wooden frame for the cat run to the side of the house and stapled wire fencing to the sides and top of the frame to make it completely cat-proof. (We used a sturdy welded galvanized steel wire with 2 by 4 inch openings.) The run is 3 feet wide and 20 feet long. We made one end of the run tall enough to enclose the bathroom window. Voilàwe just open the window and out go the cats. Right next to the window, we built a tall cat tree with lots of shelves, allowing the cats to look into the neighbor’s yard or see what’s happening on the street. We also put a door on one end of the run so that we could get in for cleaning.