1970s Jumbo size cat pin cushion or small decorative pillow

What’s cuter than a cat named Jumbo Pillow eating pumpkin strips while dressed in a pumpkin costume? Honestly, nothing. But if you don’t believe us, feel free to take a look for yourself.

Lisa Frank Sunflower Kitten Jumbo Beans 22" Push Kitty Cat Pillow Stuffed Animal

Okay, so I hope you like GIANT stuffed animals, because in this DIY tutorial, I am excited to share how to make a giant Kawaii Cat Stuffed Animal of Pusheen the Cat! I thought it would be an awesome tutorial because firstly, who doesn't like stuffed animals, secondly, who doesn't like pusheen, and third, how could you resist a large...jumbo...huge...GIANT pusheen plush pillow version!! I had SO much fun making this DIY, and I hope you enjoy!

Jumbo Catnip Body Pillow - Cool Cat Gear

Goffa Plush Caterpillar Huge Jumbo Soft 62" Colorful Pillow Soft Cuddly #FreeShipping What do you get when you mix a Mochi with a Jumbo Pillow? A delicately soft and sweet Marshmallow. Let us welcome our newborn female furbaby, Marshmallow, to the world, and have a toast with milk while she wiggles her way to latch on to mama Mochi's teat.

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(Regarding many questions about why only showing one kitten: It is not uncommon for first litter of persian/exotic shorthair cat to be small in number &/or have low survival rate. Also first time mom may not show maternal instinct and could act startled. We worked very hard around the clock to help this little girl survive with syringe feeding (mom's milk did not come in until 3-4 days later), she was born with low birth weight (2oz) and now more than double her birthweight :) )

JUMBO Nyancat Pillow Plushie by Shattered-Earth on DeviantArt

While kids celebrate the holiday by going trick or treating and adults go to costume parties, this to enjoy the holiday. The cat, named Jumbo Pillow, was transformed into a vampire pumpkin this Halloween season and is more cute than scary. Who really knows what a vampire pumpkin is anyway?

Jul 15, 2011 - JUMBO Nyancat Pillow Plushie

Marshy is meeting her papa, Jumbo Pillow, for the first time. Jumbo isn’t used to the tiny cat at first, so he gives her a few sniffs and pokes. But by the end they’re hanging out next to each other, swatting at a toy butterfly. Like father, like daughter. The two have come to be best buds, and since they first met, Marshy loves to follow her pops around all the time.With an irresistibly smushed face and an appetite that simply cannot be satisfied, Jumbo Pillow is so cute it’s almost spooky. And the fact that this cat is dressed as the thing it’s eating is more than a little freaky. Watch Jumbo go to town on some tasty pumpkin below.It’s jumbo pillow in a tea cup! :D
(also check out Jumbo Pillow and the two other exotic shorthair cats Pancake and Choco Ball on sweetfurx2’s youtube channel: )Introducing our new Exotic Shorthair kitten, Jumbo Pillow. He is named for his size despite being only 6 months old (he's already as heavy as the other adult cats in the family) and his plushy soft, white body. After Jumbo was isolated for some time and cleared by a vet, we introduced him first to Cooper, because Cooper is usually the friendliest furbaby. Jumbo is surprisingly vocal for an Exotic Shorthair, and can be seen excitedly talking in this encounter.