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Hiring managers may begin recruiting efforts within a week or two of receiving an application. If contact requesting an interview does not occur, applicants may choose to update resumes by logging back into online profiles and clicking Apply for all Positions and then clicking Create/Update Resume, which allows candidates to tweak hiring information to better suit other jobs for consideration. The company keeps resumes active on the database for up to one year.

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Application forms can be filled out in stores or online through the company website. The retailer requires job seekers to be at least 16 years or older to apply. Walmart hires for full-time and part-time careers as well as temporary work during the holidays.

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Target Application. Target hiring, employment opportunities, jobs, & careers. Learn how to apply online today! Applicants can follow up on the statuses of their applications by logging online and selecting the job management tab. On average, individuals should expect to wait between one and two weeks. Hiring managers at a Kroger store typically call to set up initial interviews.

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Employment hopefuls can log back in to check on applications submitted online. Job seekers may call or visit locations directly to check on hiring status, as well. Hiring managers typically contact applicants within a few days of submissions.

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Applicants can apply online or at a DHL location. All job-seekers are asked to include a resume with their application. Candidates can build a resume as part of their profile when applying online. Hiring managers also ask for a letter of motivation, which is similar to a cover letter.General Duties & Requirements: Many retail jobs involve aspects of customer service, sales, and stocking. Workers entering the retail industry should expect to interact with customers on a regular basis and work as part of teams to perform assigned duties. The average retail location imposes restrictions on employee dress and demeanor. Some even provide complimentary or discounted uniforms. Applicants often need to sit through at least one face-to-face interview with hiring personnel, typically a shift supervisor or assistant manager, to gain employment consideration, unless referred by current employees. Some retailers provide access to job applications online, which expedites the overall hiring process in most cases and allows aspirants to apply for multiple jobs at multiple locations at once.