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A mild stimulant that offers the same benefits of some of the other cat-appropriate grasses, lemongrass is a favorite to have around for cats and humans alike. Easy to cultivate indoors or out.

Growable cat grass is just like the same edible grass that cats eat in the wild!

The construction is solid but it is always recommended to leave a toy under supervision because some cats are destructive. Cat grass does not do the same for all cats.

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Jan 30, 2008 - hmm - well cat grass is sometimes the same thing as wheatgrass I saw catnip sold as seeds in the garden section of my local home improvement store but never tried growing any to see if its the same as the cat grass. I gave my ratties toys with catnip in them years and years ago, back when I had my very first pet rat, and it didn't seem to have any negative effects on him. He chewed up the toy and got the catnip stuff everywhere but didnt act any differently like cats do when exposed. I stick to the cat grass just because I know its safe and its easy to grow. But now that you mention this, I think I might grow some catnip in my herb garden I was planning, just to see if its the same. Either way, my cats would love it! :)

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Because our original Pet Greens® live wheatgrass (also known as cat grass) is so popular, we felt our devoted fans were ready to excite their discerning palates with our latest inspiration: Pet Greens® Oat, Rye and Barley Blend! It’s a spicy new taste with the same nutritional value as our original wheatgrass!

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Just a tip to all, I discovered that my local grocery sells wheat grass in the Produce section. It's way cheaper than a pet specialty store (like PS or PC...not naming names...) and you get a whole lot more. This is the same exact stuff they sell there as well. So try your grocer's Produce section. Mine also now sells live herbs, which both of my cats love. They go absolutely bonkers over catmint (nepeta musinii), while they could not have cared less about catnip (nepeta cataria), either fresh, dried, or as a tea.During the nice summer weather, I let my cats outdoors under direct supervision, and it always befuddles me how oftentimes the first thing they’ll do is to start nibbling on grass. Why do ? It’s the same question that clients often ask me, and I have to admit that it’s a question nobody, including us veterinarians, has a clear answer to. One thing is certain though- grazing is something that comes naturally to not just to domestic cats, but also to feral and wild cats. Let’s look at some of the possible reasons and explanations for this behavior.Another common assumption is that cats eat grass to medicate an upset stomach or to induce vomiting. But in his studies of pets' herbivorous habits, veterinarian Benjamin Hart of the University of California–Davis has found no evidence of this. He theorizes that eating plants is an innate behavior that played a role in feline evolution. Researchers have found that leaf eating reduces intestinal parasites in wild chimpanzees; the same may be true for tigers, lions, and other wild felids, Hart says. Through the generations, those animals with a taste for greens would have been healthier and more likely to survive and pass on this tendency to their offspring.Cat grass is super easy to grow year-round. You can grow it outside in the summer and inside the rest of the year. I like that this treat is organic and has a single, vegan ingredient. I have tried many brands of seeds as well as the bulk bins at my local plant nursery. All work the same, and it is really just personal preference.