How to Introduce a New Puppy to the Resident Cat: 15 Steps

Stay alert and let the introductions progress slowly. Don’t force the meeting or expect your new puppy and cat to be the best of friends overnight.

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If your new puppy or dog is relaxed and comfortable in their new home, it’s time to introduce them to your existing cat. You’ll need to be patient and give your cat time to get used to their new housemate, particularly if your cat hasn’t lived with a friendly dog before! It’s not unusual for cats to react to the new dog by hissing or swatting at them, or trying to escape by running or hiding.

Introducing Your New Dog to Your Resident Cat

Jun 10, 2016 - Introducing your new puppy to your old cat takes some planning and some patience to build the relationship and create lifelong friends. Thomas: PAW Rescue has for introducing a new dog to a cat. We think these could be helpful as you go about introducing your new puppy to Nahla.

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Some animal shelters recommend "scent switching" while the animals are still separated by the baby gate. Scent switching is easy, and it allows both animals to get used to the smell of the other. To do this, take a small towel and rub it on your cat, or take a blanket that your cat often sleeps upon. Place the scented towel or blanket near the pup’s food bowl. There are two reasons for placing the towel near the food: 1. the dog will have constant contact with the scent, and 2. the dog will associate the scent with something he loves, food. Repeat this procedure, placing a dog-scented towel near the cat’s food. It's important that you pay attention to their eating . Although a rare occurrence, make sure that the scented towel is not causing either animal to refuse to eat.
Once the animals get to know each other, then you can try to take down the baby gate. However, do not leave the animals completely unsupervised. Make sure that the interactions are safe for both animals. As your dog learns commands, it's important that you teach him "down" or "stay" around the cat. That way, if a quarrel erupts, you can call down the dog. Also, keep your cat’s fingernails clipped. You do not want her to scratch your pup’s face and cause an infection.
Even after the animals become comfortable in the same space, you still need to keep them separated when you’re not home. Continue keeping them separated until you are absolutely sure they will not fight.
Introducing a new puppy into the home of an existing cat can be stressful for both animals. It's important that you let them meet slowly and get to know each other on their own terms. In the beginning, keeping their food separated is necessary. You also want them both to have their own safe place. Once acquainted, dogs and cats can be good friends, bringing even more and joy to your home.

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